2011 and 2012

I'm having a hard time writing this post.  I've been avoiding it.  Seeking inspiration on the internet. Making lists on paper.  Pondering ways to avoid having to re-download Picasa in order to make a photo mosaic.  Yeah.  Avoidance.

2011 was full of a lot of great stuff.  It was also full of some not so great stuff.  Some pretty awful stuff.  Some stuff I have shared on my blog and some that I haven't.  For that reason I'm finding myself wanting to be through with 2011 and on to 2012.  But I don't want to leave without celebrating all of the good stuff, too.  Is it inauthentic to focus on all of the wonderful and leave out the negative? 

*  *   *   *   *

A day later, I'm still not sure what to do with this post.  I think I may have to leave my thoughts about 2011 on the pages of my notebook and simply launch into a new year of new things.

I have lists of goals (resolutions, even) for 2012, but I think those will stay on the pages of my notebook, too.  I've seen that some bloggers like to choose a word for the year.  I've been contemplating words.  Is there one that I want as the focus for this whole year?  I don't know.

"Heal" and "nurture" are topping my list of possibles right now.  In the grey of winter I'm wanting to surround myself with flowers and flickering candles and cozy up with some crochet in my lap

and doggies at my feet.


  1. I'm with you as far as 2011 goes. Pftttt!

    I'm looking forward to 2012, with a variety of aspirations, words and goals, tucked into my own heart. I love that many of us bloggers move through our days revealing what we want to, and holding back what may be too private to share (both good and bad!). Each of us is an author, with our own stories to tell...so we can choose how to share. Pretty sweet deal. eh?

    Love those doggies at your feet. Sending you best wishes for a better new year. xo

  2. Anne, sweet Anne. Let go and move along the river of possibilities. Life's too short to beat yourself up. It's about living and learning and growing, one moment to the next. Look at those lovely plants of yours... hard work to break ground, break bud, but don't they always reach, reach for the light? Be happy and stretch into your light, Anne. All my best wishes for your 2012.

  3. As Karen says, we may pick and choose what we want to share and what we don´t. Having a notebook where to put things (as in out of your head and onto paper) sounds good. I even burnt my notebooks at the end of 2011!
    Best wishes for 2012 for you, your husband and the doggies!

  4. Hmm a word for the year. Interesting, I don't think I could choose. I think life will always be full of possibility and hope to those that are open to it, as you are. Here's to a fantastic 2012 to you guys!

  5. I felt exactly the same about 2011! Some people have the ability to put it all out there on the internet. I, like you, don't fill my blog with all the hardships and heartache especially when they relate to my family and so aren't totally mine to divulge. I just wait till I'm in the mood to post a pretty picture or I pretend and whitter on about something else. it does help to detract my attention from the crap sometimes anyway! And i also gave up trying to sum 2012 into ONE word. So here's to breaking into 2012 without a backward glance or an apology :)

  6. Hi Anne,
    I'm a firm believer in moving on, although I too find it difficult at times. Live your life, enjoy your life, be creative, love your doggies, knit and crochet to your heart's content, and have a wonderful 2012!
    Judy xx

  7. Put 2011 behind you Anne. I think it was a pretty rotten year too although it did have a few positive highlights! Focus on all that is good around you right now in 2012. It looks good doesn't it? x

  8. Happy New Year Anne!
    Your inclinations at the moment sound blissful to me..peace and cosy, doggie love and crochet.What more is there to ask for :)
    If we can do nothing about the past and sad times, I'm all for looking forward to the things that lie ahead full of possibility and (with a bit of luck) happiness...so while most of us don't reveal true life's nitty gritty goings in our blogs I wonder if perhaps we're revealing even more about ourselves by sharing our hopes, uplifts and inspirations? HUGS and hugs to you! xx

  9. Such interesting thoughts you all have. Could be a great blogger discussion about the nature of blogging. Just as we all are the authors of our lives we're also the authors of our blogger selves as well. And I love Jenny's thought that what we choose to focus on says more about us than laying it all out there.

    Thanks for all the support and for being such a great community in 2011, so glad to be stepping into 2012 will you all. Such wonderful possibilities we all have.


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