Joy List Monday

How can it be Monday, again? It is. A rainy, warm (50s) Monday. And I'm here with my coffee and my Joy List. I'm having fun making these lists. And thinking of other joyful things that don't fit in the five bullets. I've also been using this day to check in with myself, to take stock. How am I doing? How am I feeling? I think I'm feeling optimistic.

So, here's my list for this week:

  • being asked by multiple people recently if I'm an artist and answering "Yes"!
  • being mistaken for 10 (or more) years younger than I actually am
  • discovering Julia Child videos on the PBS website
  • having lots of Plans and Ideas in the works
  • an etsy sale

Apparently I'm giving off an artsy and young vibe. I try not to let myself worry that it's really just a weird and immature vibe. And even if it were, does it really matter? I like weird.

Maybe it is weird that I want to watch Julia Child videos with no real intention of making the things she's making. I guess part of it is nostalgia because I remember watching her as a kid. Just for fun. I have very distinct memories of watching various cooking shows (and some painting shows, too), not really for any instruction but rather for entertainment. Julia Child is amazing, though. An inspiration. She didn't start cooking until she was 32. Read her autobiography, My Life in France.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks to everyone who's been playing along with me and my Joy Lists. I hope it's helping you to focus on the joyful. There's a lot of it, isn't there?


  1. You have some great things on your list to be joyful for Anne! I am finding joy a little elusive at the moment but I do find joy in visiting your blog and looking at your list.

  2. It's funny I like watching Julia Child too even though I'm a vegetarian and probably wouldn't eat most of the things she makes! Congrats on your etsy sale.

  3. A joy list and Julia - what a great way to start the week! If you loved the movie "Julie and Julia" too you might want to read "As Always, Julia" by Joan Reardon. It shares Julia's letters to Avis Devoto, Julia's longtime friend and editor.

  4. Oh, no - I totally agree - watching cooking shows (wether you make the recipes or not ;) is such a creative thing to do - it inspires me daily ;) xoxo

  5. Here is a link to loads of interviews. Just type in the name of the person you remember from childhood and enjoy. By the way - the boys look great - very restful.

  6. Ooops - forgot the link......

  7. Ooh good book recommendation, I'll look into that!

    I'm a day late as usual, here are some of mine for today:
    1) Being appreciated by the homeless people I work with and being told so
    2) Feeling physically fit due to my weight lifting and yoga workouts lately!

  8. My first full week back at work means I'm just now getting to read blogs... what a nice list!


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