Joy List Monday

I'm traveling and didn't bring my computer. So this post is an experiment. Can't miss a Joy List!

•visiting with Matthias' family
•a new book
•a sweet little Natal Plum plant
•knowing that my paints are waiting for me at home

The book was a gift from a family friend and my father-in-law bought me the plant. There are lots of crows in Springfield and seeing them makes me happy.

That's all for now. Hope you are having a joyful start to your week.


  1. I got one posted today! And also, great list! Except for the crows... I really hate crows :p

  2. I love joy list Monday (although it is Tuesday here now!)My joys today are:It is Imbolc on Thursday - the awakening of the soil and the return to the light, the thought of buying myself some new long white candles, the anticipation of signing up to study for a degree in October, the crisp, clean air of a cold day, chips (fries) for dinner tonight!

  3. Your Joy List Monday is inspiring. Its now late Thursday night in icy Cornwall. But my blog post today was about finding the child-like joy in the simple & the fun in everything. My joy list this week would include these 5:
    - making bubbles with my friend's three year old daughter & watching them dance.
    - my children, always my babes
    - going for a walk (with large parts in a wheelchair but squashing my clumbersome pride & enjoying anyway) in the gorgeous cold but sunny Cornish countryside. And watching my friend's young Collie grin & bounce his delight at the wonders of nature
    - my 8 year old son excited to show me his newly learnt guitar skills (its only his second lesson).
    - gratitude at the love & laughter shared with close friends

    Wow, a joy list is so uplifting. I'm going to try and write it in my journal & when I can on my blog. Thanks Anne :-)

    Hope your trip is wonderful.
    Big Hugs
    Kat :-) Xx


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