new year, new studio

When I moved back to Cleveland this fall, I set up my studio space on our sun porch.  I was surrounded by plants and kept company by Bertram, my canary. 

When we decided to adopt our doggies, I set up their (two huge) crates on the porch, too.  Needless to say things were getting a bit crowded.

Add to that all the dirt and mud being brought in through the back door every time the boys (or us people) would come in after being out as well as leashes, mittens, gloves, hats, etc. being constantly set down on my work table... it had become less than ideal. 

This week I moved all of my stuff up to our extra bedroom.  It's probably the darkest room in the house,  so I'm going to need a bit more lighting.  But it is BIG!

So far I've only dumped all of my stuff in the room and need to still do some arranging and decorating.  And I have a list of items (including that much needed lighting) that I'd like to add to make the space work better and be more inviting, too. 

It's a work in progress (like just about everything I do).

How wonderful to start a new year with a new work space.

The room, as well as the year, is filled with so many wonderful possibilities.


  1. Just lovely xxx I have just packed my work space up for the new year - hoping to move to a bigger home..... My boys needed space for all their lego! xxx

  2. Yippee! What a great way to start the year!

  3. It looks like a wonderful space, Anne! Enjoy fixing it up to make a welcome place for yourself to create in!!

  4. It looks great! I used to have a whole room to myself... but now it's a nursery. Sigh... trade-offs, I suppose! :)

  5. Isn't it great to start fresh? For me that evens means giving the old desk a good cleaning and organizing...the clutter adds up fast!

  6. New year, new space indeed! Looks like it will fit you and the doggies when they're clean and behaving (say sitting for a pet portrait). Something you might want to try: my quilting girlfriend has a studio in her basement which is underground. Daylight-spectrum florescent lighting fills it with warm bright light making it a wonderful space on a dark winter day.

  7. That is awesome Anne. I love that blue on the walls. To have your own space to create in is divine. xo

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    1. Oh and thanks for the Birthday Wishes xx


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