sweet saturday: a blue doggie and a green doggie

Hello, sweetness.  Hello, joy.  Despite my best intentions to focus on the joyful in this new year, during these last couple days joy has seemed elusive.  There's nothing bad.  I've just felt blah.  I'd much rather be feeling energized and inspired and joyful.  It's hard to get out of a slump and sometimes, I think, you just have to go with it (hours of crocheting while wrapped in blankets watching Downton Abbey isn't a bad way to embrace the slump).  Other times you need to refocus and readjust your perspective.  My plan for Joy List Mondays is one of the ways I'm trying to do that.  But maybe I need to make joy lists every day. Spend a couple minutes in my journal each morning focusing on little glimmers of joy.  Maybe I need to devote an entire journal to lists of joy.  We'll see.  Do any of you have great ways to combat the blah and bring in more joy?

One idea for joy that I haven't done in a long time is participate in Sweet Saturdays.  Yes, I could use some sweetness today!  How about you?  My sweet doggies (surprise, surprise) are my sweetness for today.  I've been trying to keep my blog from being all dogs all the time, but there really are few things sweeter than these two boys.  The other day they were wrapped up in their coats and when we walked through the park a little boy told the adult he was with about the two doggies that he saw: "a blue doggie and a green doggie."  Sweet, sweet, sweet.

They are so kissable and it's impossible to walk past them without stroking their soft fur.  It feels like velvet and suede.  Not just silky, but warm, too.  And they have a good smell.  Even better when they've just rubbed up against my giant rose scented geranium in the front window.

We finally settled on new names for them.  Kit, the white one with red spots, is now called Charlie.

And Kirk, the brindle, is now called Jude.

They are sensitive and gentle and calm.  They are affectionate (Jude, especially, likes to come up to you and LEAN into you) and curious and smart.  They make each and every day that much sweeter.


  1. Hi Ann -- I think you've figured out "the blahs" without realizing it and your sweet pets especially Jude helped you out. "LEAN to" It's all in what you LEAN to. Jude has no pressures; he's good at being a dog; he knows who he is; he doesn't second guess himself and his mind never goes negative; he's always sensitive, gentle and calm. It's all on what you choose to LEAN to -- Lean in, press in, to simple joys, we are our own focus. It's not easy, but just about the only thing we can control is our mind and what we are thinking. It took me a long time, but I conquered it. It took me almost 18 months not to say anything negative in a given day -- and guess what if you are not saying it, you are not thinking it because we speak what we think if we think about it long enough. I think you have a story to tell and I think you are hear to help others; and I think you might could do something with those words "Lean in" what are you leaning into? kind of thing. Hope you don't mind me pondering here but we have to keep reminding ourselves and others; we are generally far to serious! So thanks for reminding me too!

  2. They are joy in your life for sure! So sweet!

  3. Lovely photos of fabulous 'fur persons' ~ I can certainly relate to this posts ~ the dogs and a case of the 'blahs' which I think is part of January ~ I too feel better at the moment ~ (it helped sun came out today) And I agree my dog is so much company and loving ~ (sometimes needs too much attention ~ especially when I am trying to create) she makes up for by being sooooooo sweet ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) (Share the Creative Journey)

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you picked names for them - I think they're both awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying your sweeties so much :)

  5. Great names!! I love the leaners :) Pets are an essential source of my day to day joy.

  6. Love the photos! And they look sooo sweet :) And love the what the little boy called them. My sweet doggies are not very sweet at the moment as they are just coming off the throws of love and are reminding me of boys who have been on a week long drinking bing with no sleep :)

  7. Dear Ann

    Charlie and Jude (or shall I say blue doggie and green doggie, how cute!) look like such incredible characters. When I feel blah I will just go and hang out with my cats - I'll get lost in their antics and feel much better instantly. So I understand you wanting to write about your beauties. They always inspire.
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog this past week. I know you know this painful sting of grief. It can be very difficult to get beyond (I miss her terribly).

  8. Hi Ann!!!! these photos are as sweet as can be!!! your dogs are so cute!!!! Thank you for sharing these with us for Sweet Saturdays!!!!!

  9. They are so sweet! :)

  10. I just want to hold their beautiful faces in my hands!!
    Thanks for naming one after me - my nickname is Jude!!! lol
    xo Judy


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