Joy List Monday

It's Monday, again. I'm feeling very joyful on this sunny day. Are you?

We went for walks at two parks this morning and I found a dandelion blooming. So much for winter.

I'm still without my computer. After we got back home from our trip last week my computer went out to be fixed. I haven't been reading any blogs. In some ways that's good, but I do miss my bloggy friends and all the inspiration I always find in their posts. I'll have a lot to catch up on when I get my computer back.

I'm still enjoying my Joy Lists. There's a change in my perspective now that I'm always looking for Joy. I hope you're finding Joy everywhere, too.

•an absolutely perfect day
•a long morning today and lots coming up
•making two pizzas and putting one in the freezer to look forward to and eat another day
•working on projects and paintings + audiobooks
•the David Austin Rose catalog

Lots of good stuff this past week. After some not so joyful days, the overflowing of Joy is a very good thing. It's like today's sunshine after all the dreary weather we had been having.


  1. Two parks in one day in winter is quite an accomplishment! I have been inside all day today, short of taking a very brief (three in all) walks in the yard. I love freezing food for later. I just froze some pasta and placed it in the freezer and just yesterday I pulled a mini loaf of zucchini bread out to have in the morning with my coffee. Oh' and also, I just Got my David Austin rose catalog too! Love them roses. You look through and you can just imagine the sweet smell!

  2. I've been feeling particularly joyful the past few days too which I've been attributing to the faaaaantastic sunny weather we've been having!! I never realize how much the rain can effect me until I see the sun again. My computer is a goner too, I'm on Aaron's until I get a new one :( I hear ya how it's kind of nice though!

  3. My joy list Monday on Wednesday! A warm and cosy home when the temperature is dropping outside, listening to my cat purr loudly, the smell of a new washing powder, time spent at the vineyard, a nice hot home cooked meal.


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