Joy List Monday

Happy Monday to you. I hope that yours is starting off as beautifully as mine. The sun is shining here. It's still cold and there's snow on the ground, but the snow is sparkling in the sunshine. It seems like I've had a lot of sunny Mondays since I've started my Joy Lists. Sunshine really is enough to make the day more joyful. Sunshine and flowers. Both of which I have in abundance this morning.

But I'm not including sunshine and flowers on my list today.

  • nearly finished new(ly redecorated) bathroom
  • recently thrifted finds
  • color
  • my studio (and making it more usable)
  • projects --> nearing completion and growing in my head

Just a little peek in the bathroom.

The walls are painted a grey that Matthias picked out.  It almost looks like a faint purple in some lights. I was surprised by how much I like it. The room is now fully functioning (no more having to go downstairs for a toilet) and has nice bits like a floor. There are plenty of little finishing touches we need to do, but the transformation really has been amazing!

I've been visiting thrift stores looking for some pieces for my studio and have been striking out. But I have found a couple great sweaters (each for less than $3!)

Both are perfect layering pieces and I've had fun wearing them already.  I also found a pretty pillowcase that I somehow ended up getting for only pennies.

I have plans for it!

Finally, a couple views of some color Joy and studio love:

some projects in the works!

not necessarily more usable, but certainly more pretty!

Here's to a Joyful day for each of you!


  1. The sunshine in CT is making for a joyful morning here, too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ann. So glad to see you celebrating such simple things - makes all the difference, doesn't it? As always, you have beautiful flowers to share, and lovely thrift shop finds! I think my sister had sheets and pillowcases in that pattern years ago! Anyway, so glad you're doing well!

  3. Wonderful details! Love your photographies.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! In fact I´m inspired by everything YOU do. :)

  4. It looks like lots of joy has come your way! I've been missing from comments as blogspot keeps kicking me out of replying - we'll see if this works. I would love to go thrift shopping with you if only we lived in the same area! Have a sunny week!

  5. :)

    Comments bring me Joy, too! Thank you!

  6. I was having a hard time thinking of something and then I remembered a conference I went to for work last week. It was about workplace balance (I work in social services field so we're always getting talks like this) and the speaker asked "What, in your life, is not wrong?" and I thought that was an interesting way to phrase it. Because really, I can't think of much that's wrong. So it really sheds light on all of the good things even if you're not particularly feeling it that day!


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