Joy List... on Tuesday.

Yesterday was simply not long enough to get everything done that I wanted to get done.  So my Joy List did not get written.  It was in the back of my head and the day itself was full of joy, but writing the list and creating the post didn't happen.  So here's my Monday Joy list on Tuesday.  It really is a weekly list anyway.

  • painting
  • cupcakes
  • togetherness
  • DIY hair (highlights, finally, after major obsessing)
  • Charlie and Jude

I did a bunch of painting on Friday, but didn't get to join Paint Party Friday.  This week I'm planning on it!  My cactus painting is bringing me a lot of Joy as I'm nearing its completion.

As for everything else...

Life is good.  

I hope your week is full of Joy.  


  1. love the fresh, clean new look. inspiring. i've been wanting to inspire me!

  2. Anne, your hair looks wonderful! I have been pondering whether to colour my hair or not these past few weeks! My joy list Tuesday is completing my Bloggers Beads Necklace with beautiful crochet flower included, a homemade chicken curry for dinner tonight, eating the last slice of the treacle bread, listening to the birds in the garden, feeling creative again. I hope you continue to have a week filled with joy!

  3. The highlights look great!! I always wanted to be a red head but I'm going to wait till I get more greys to go the dying route! Hmm on my list would be:
    ~Becoming more comfortable and enjoying spending time in social activities
    ~A new baby in the extended family!
    ~Getting a bunch of little things checked off my to do list.

    P.S. For the Liebster thing, don't feel like it has to be a big long post like mine, some people's are really short, i.e. random facts in 5 words, and just naming the 5 blogs instead of doing into detail. I just had time on my hand :) And copy and paste the info of what it us off my post so you're not writing it all out again. Or just skip the whole thing lol

  4. I'd love you to do my highlights!!! How did you do that? I have a packet of colour in my drawer waiting for the courage to do it! xxx

  5. Love the highlights! Your hair is getting so long! :)

  6. Great highlights Anne! I do it too! What did you use? The painting is GORGEOUS! I love the Christmas cactus painting. Very pretty! xo

  7. Any day of the week is a good day for gratitude. Love your long hair with highlights. And your blog banner looks pretty and fresh for spring (when it arrives)!

  8. Beautiful framing, I like that beautiful photos, my favorite is the dogs. Greetings.

  9. Thanks everybody! So nice to hear your joys!

    And thanks for the compliments on my hair!! I was really unsure about highlighting my own hair even though I used to dye my own hair all the time (I loved having red hair!). Highlights seemed too complicated. I just couldn't justify spending that much $ in the salon, so I finally went for it. I used a Revlon highlighting kit but bought a different "cap" (one for chunky highlights). Next time I'll probably buy some foils or papers to be a bit more precise.

    I'm looking forward to spring, too!



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