I've been thinking about rituals. About how I've made my Joy List a weekly ritual and about how pleasurable that is. I've also been thinking about the other rituals I enjoy. Daily rituals like making and drinking coffee.

Weekly rituals like washing bedding and remaking the bed. Yearly rituals like watching Groundhog Day on February 2nd. There are a lot more. And I have a lot more thoughts about creating rituals. Why to do it. How to do it. What to do. Two main rituals I'd like to cultivate are writing in my journal and working in my sketchbook*. I used to write in my journal every day, but not lately. Right now I journal and sketch (something I've never done regularly) sporadically but I'd really like to change that.

I'd love to ponder rituals here on my blog, but I'm still computerless. I've been writing my blog on my phone (I like the BlogPress app much more than the Blogger app, in case you're interested). Convenient, but not my favorite way to write. So for now I'll do my contemplating with pen and paper. I'll probably share more thoughts about rituals and habits here another day.

What about you? Do you have thoughts about rituals? A favorite ritual? Any rituals that you've created for yourself that you now can't imagine life without? Any that you'd like to create?

*serendipitously, my bloggy friend Dana is offering a sketchbook e-course this April. I'm so excited!!


  1. Oh, so many rituals.
    But my favorite?
    Holding hands around the table before a meal. In a nice, prolonged silence.

    The best.

  2. Hmm my ritual of daily blog reads is a good one! Another one is going for breakfast (almost) every weekend with Aaron. I also try to write in my journal, usually at a cafe on my break from work, which is about once every few weeks which I'd like to increase to once a week. I also want to try to get a bedtime ritual going, like lighting a beeswax candle, listening to a few songs and reading a bit, since whenever I do, I feel so much more peaceful!

  3. Great rituals. Love the idea of the beeswax candle!


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