an invitation... and a Joy list

I am so excited this morning to unveil an idea that I've had in the back of my mind for a while now. I know one thing that brings me (and you, too) Joy is receiving packages in the mail. Packages from friends or family who live far away, packages filled with goodies we've treated ourselves to, packages from blogging friends. Any sort of package, actually, is a Joy to find sitting on my doorstep. Sending packages is also Joyful. Choosing pretty wrappings, tucking in surprises, waiting to hear that the package has arrived.

So, in the spirit of Joyful packages and of art and craft and handmade goodness (all of which bring me Joy), I'm inviting you to join me in a Joyful exchange.

Are you interested? Would you like to send a package and receive one, too? Would you like to make something special and add a little Joy to the world?

How this will work:
1. You email me (anne at mygiantstrawberry dot com) with your name and mailing address. If you have a website or blog, send that, too, so I can pass that along to your exchange partner.
2. I match you up with someone (this will not be the same person sending a package to you... who you're getting a package from will be a surprise!).
3. You make something for your exchange partner. What sort of something is entirely up to you. Paint, crochet, knit, sew, draw, photograph, bead, embroider, sculpt, write... there are no requirements other than you make it (and it brings you Joy!).
4. You send off your piece of handmade Joy.
5. You receive a package full of Joy.

Sound good? I hope so! This exchange is open to everyone no matter where you live or what sort of art or craft you like to do. You don't have to have a blog, either, so don't let that stop you from joining in.

The exchange is open until March 18th. On March 19th I'll send you the name and address of the person you'll be sending your package to. I'm requesting that we all finish our pieces and get them posted by April 2nd. If you photograph your creations and email me the photos, I'll do a blog post once everyone's received their packages. Oh, and I plan on making something for the exchange, too. I'm not sure what, yet, but my mind is whirring.

What do you think? Sound like fun? I think so and that's why the exchange is the first thing on my Joy list today.

The exchanged is now closed. Thank you to everyone who signed up!!

  • handmade Joy exchange!
  • spotting spring flowers on recent walks
  • Jerome emerging from his self-imposed exile and mingling with the dogs
  • cooking and baking plans
  • an upcoming road trip and girls' weekend! (I'm leaving in 4 days!!)

Hope your week is Joyful!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! A wonderfully joyful idea, Anne!! I'd love to do it and will be sending you my address. Love your spring flowers!!

  2. I've just signed up for an exchange but it is a great idea. I'm away from the computer for the next six days so will have a think & get back to you if I think I can manage both.

    Enjoy your girly road trip, sounds fun. Hubbie has some time off work from tomorrow & we have a few fun things planned which I'm looking forward to. So looking forward to these plans fulfil a few spaces on my joy list. And another would be that its my Birthday this Friday.

    Look forward to catching up on your road trip news, & in turn sharing what we get up to, next week.

    Kat Xx

  3. I don't think I will have time to take part in your joyful exchange Anne as I still need to write to everyone that took part in my Bloggers Beads Necklace! My joy list today is spending time up at the vineyard, ordering some beautiful beads, seeing an amazing sunset that disappeared seconds before I could capture it on camera, dinner already prepared and just cooking through on the hob, seeing my old dyed yellowing hair colour grow out and healthy grey/brown hair taking its place! Have a lovely week Anne.

  4. Lucky you to have flowers showing already! Your exchange sounds like lots of joy, Anne and I'd love to participate! I'll send you my address separately :)

  5. Sign me up! I'll e-mail you :)

  6. sounds lovely! Not sure I would be a reliable maker at the moment while concentrating on study. Thanks for your kind words - they always make me feel very special Anne. All is okay - just trying to be positive and count my blessings rather than wish I had a different home to live in! xxx Love to you my friend xx

  7. YAY!!!! I am excited for your upcoming road trip, and for Jerome's reentry from exile. :-D The exchange sounds awesome, but this is a really bad time of year for me to participate. Sending you good thoughts on it, though! :)

  8. I'm especially busy this spring, but that will make this all the more fun...carving time out for intentional joy making! Great idea, Anne.

  9. Thanks to all of you who have signed up so far! I'm very excited!! It's going to be such fun!

  10. ...I've sent you an e-mail!! Thank you for the opportunity!
    This would be really nice for me!!

  11. This is such a beautiful thing to do Anne! You are such a great, positive blogger. I love visiting you here! Xo


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