Joy List Monday and some other thoughts

this necklace sold last night!

Joy is a funny thing. It comes and goes without much provocation. After last week's early elation, I hit a bit of a wall. And that was ok. I've found that it's important to listen to myself when that happens. I put aside my painting, frustrated and discouraged, and picked up my crochet.

Later, I found that the painting that was so disappointing when I'd been working on it, really wasn't disappointing at all.  It had simply been an exercise of painting play in my sketchbook, choosing colors that you like and slapping them onto the page.

Why play had become frustrating, I do not know. But I do know that I should listen when that happens.

I think I should listen a lot more to what the universe is telling me. Lately there have been quite a few slow drivers in front of me on the road. I am not a slow driver. But I think getting stuck again and again behind people who are driving slower than the speed limit (why would anyone want to do that?) is the universe telling me to slow down.

It sure seems as if the universe was yelling at me to slow down when the other day, working on that Joyful quilt of mine,

I had a bit of an accident.

I know that little bit of broken needle doesn't look very big. But, it seems huge when it's been broken off in your finger. OK, I'm paying attention now.

And I'm feeling Joyful. Even though my crochet needs to be put to the side for a bit and even though my quilt is going to remain unfinished for a bit longer. I can draw and write and go for walks and take photos (and type!) with nine functioning fingers. An accident with my sewing machine is a lot better than an accident with my car.

I hope you are having a Joyful Monday!


  1. Loving that quilt, you are so talented Anne! I have those same reactions to "play exercises" with my painting...don't know why I have this idea that everything has to be a masterpiece! How would we learn? And congrats on the sale!
    My joy list:
    ~Having great blogs to read on a Monday morning!
    ~Treating myself to a half coffee/hot chocolate
    ~Getting my new (used) car today!

  2. Anne, firstly the drawings of the seed heads are fantastic! Secondly I am not surprised that you sold the beautiful crocheted necklace. I think we had similar weeks last week full of peaks and troughs. I am sorry to hear that you hurt your finger and hope that it heals up quickly. I have just updated my blog and you may like to see what I did with those inks! Go on, get your inks out and have a go if you are feeling stuck with your painting. My joy list today is:

    -Seeing that you have updated your blog!
    -Freshly Washed bedding on the bed tonight
    -A toffee muffin to eat later with a cup of coffee
    -Re-discovering my cross-stich sampler and working on it again
    -A pile of ironing completed and put away!

  3. Ow! Poor you!! Hope that finger heals soon, Anne.
    I really love your attitude here - listening to what the universe is telling you. I try to do that myself, although it's taken me many years to arrive at that wisdom!
    Your quilt, your painting, your drawing and your crochet all express your joy and your creativity, Beautiful to see!!
    My joy list today:

    -Getting some bloodwork and grocery shopping out of the way early
    -Coming home to coffee and a muffin after fasting 12 hours!
    -setting up my sunporch for creative work today, with kitties lounging in the sun
    -enjoying a perfectly beautiful day!!

    Have a lovely one yourself!

  4. Ouch, ouch, ouch! ~~~quick healing vibes for you~~~
    Lovely necklace, so delicate and elegant.
    Cute quilt. I had missread it as guilt in the joy list and couldn´t figure it out till I saw the pic. :D

  5. oh no, you poor thing. healing vibes to you!

    the universe is always talking to us. i think that too, slow cars=slow down. what is the rush anyway?

    so much easier to live according to what messages the universe sends our way. i am listening SO much more now and it feels so much better.

    You painting is so pretty as well as the quilt which the painting reminds me of. And a big congrats on the sale. It is a pretty piece! xo

  6. so many pretty things to look at here today!

    hope your finger heals up quickly.


  7. Ouch...!! It hurts!! I had it on one of my nails once! You'll feel soon better, I'm sure!
    I had a plenty day, too! Full of joyful things!
    Also if there are always sad or irritating things, too...I just pay attention at the joyful, that's better for me.
    Your necklace is wonderful, I'm not surprised you sold it!

    I write you tomorrow, when I'll have my hands on my "Handmade Joy Exchange" package!
    Take care!

  8. OMG! I'm the same behind the wheel of a car and a sewing machine peddle - why make it wait a week when it can be done in a day?

  9. Sounds like you're focusing on living in the moment... the best tempo for joy.

  10. Thanks for all the healing thoughts! My finger feels much better. The needle went through the nail, so that will take a while to heal.

    Nice to see so many lists of Joy!!

    1. Sorry to hear about your accident! Heal up and thanks for the positive perspective! :)

  11. OUCH! You poor thing; I never doubted that it would hurt! Hope it heals quickly.

    I like your maple seed drawings - they stirred a pleasant childhood memory that isn't complete in detail but has retained the feeling of wonder and play with the helicopter type tree seeds :-) I also really like the way your painted sketchbook page turned out - beautiful colours and dreamy lines.

    Kat Xx


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