Joy List Monday

Just a quick post today after a long and sweet day. I'm tired (and, I fear, a bit inarticulate) and ready for bed.

Hiking in the rain. Good food. Thunderstorms and sunshine and flowers and togetherness. All in all a full day and a long day. How's that for Joy? But here's my list:

I'm excited and a little bit scared about committing to make a painting a day for the next month (if you're interested in doing it too, visit Dana's blog here). But I'm determined to do it, or at least try. I think it will be good for me to try to work on short, quick pieces instead of spending forever tinkering and working bit by bit. We'll see.

I hope your day was full of Joy!


  1. Exquisite lilies and a beautiful joy list, Anne!

  2. Every Monday's list a balm for me. Is that Rockefeller greenhouse?? I can nearly smell the lilies.

  3. Love that butterfly pic. I feel the same about the painting a day - it hasn't started yet has it?

  4. The butterflies have been everywhere lately. So pretty. They don't like to stand still for picture taking, though.

    The lilies and the butterfly/lilac were at Rockefeller greenhouse. Lilies inside and lilac outside. So many pretty flowers there!

  5. Gorgeous photos and a delightful list! Hope your week continues to be joyful!
    Kat Xx

  6. Hi Anne! Glad you are painting! You can do it! Hey, I did it today with two little munchkins screaming running around. Wasn't the ideal but hey, I am feeling good about the time I did spend with it! I hope you painted today. xo


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