The lilac is blooming. It smells divine. Got me thinking about purple. Spring is purply!

Of course, the crocuses are long gone, but right now there's still a lot of purple.

Lots and lots of these violets everywhere in the yard and gardens.

I have some other purple flowers to look forward to. Clematis. Catmint. False Indigo. Lavender. Cleaning out around my lavender the other day got me thinking about all the lavender I plan to harvest this year.

Two years ago this is what my harvest looked like:

I'm determined to get at least that much this year.


  1. one of my very favorite colors.
    and lilac and lavender...favorite scents, as well.
    thank you for this very beautiful post.

  2. Funny, I posted about purple today too, the beauties in the bathroom and the bruises on my heart now that I've had to say goodbye to Dad yet again.
    Your purples are glorious. I surely would love to see your front walk when the lavender gets going.
    Sorry to hear about your needle injury. Hope it's not keeping you from your exciting projects.

  3. Such a soothing colour. I love lavender. It is one of my favourite plants. I look forward to seeing your lavender harvest this year. I think I need to buy some new lavender plants as mine have gone really twiggy!

  4. purple was always my favorite growing up and is still one of my favorite colors. love, love lavender, my favorite scent, lilacs too, ours is a bit behind yours but our yard is filled with the violets... they are so sweet.

    love your banner Anne!

  5. Purple is one of my favorite colors. And lilacs and lavendar are favorites too! Your photos are stunning. I've been reading through your past posts, I've missed a lot. Your posts always lift my spirits and I really enjoyed your sketchbook pics. xo

  6. I love lilac. It's such an intoxicating flower. Look forward to seeing your {sunday snippets} this week.

  7. Don't the lilacs smell heavenly? We also have white lilacs nearby - so pretty to see and smell. Irises are coming into bloom here - more purple! Your photos are lovely as always, especially that sweet vase of violets.

  8. Gorgeous Lilac and I adore lavender. I didn't have much luck growing mine last year. Any tips will be gratefully received :-) Beautiful photos - I can almost smell the blooms. Thanks for sharing.
    Kat Xx

  9. Thank you, everyone!

    Kat, I don't know if I have any advice. I haven't done much to mine that's out of the ordinary, but I've read that they like well drained soil, sandy is especially good.


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