flowers and painting, painting and flowers

That pretty much sums up my day. Ah, this garden time of year. I cannot get enough of it. Cannot get enough of the flowers. The smells. The colors. Each morning I've been bringing my camera outside with me. Taking lots of photos. Observing and discovering. Breathing deeply. Enjoying.

Right now the false indigo (baptisia) is glorious. Maybe you glimpsed it in the last two days' posts.

It blooms only in spring, so if I wanted to paint it, now would be the time. I snipped a stem and then, continuing with a purple theme, I clipped a clematis flower as well.

I think this one is Anna Louise.

I worked slowly over the whole afternoon, alternating between the two.

I'm happy with the results even if the clematis flower is nowhere near as dark as I would like. Purple is hard. My mixed paint kept unmixing on my palette. And by the time I was done I was longing for some soothing greens or blues. It was wonderful to paint and paint and paint, though, even if it means that I neglected some of the other things on my to-do list.

Hope you're having a wonderful week!


  1. Okay, I am so jealous of your paintings!!!! Really, Anne, Really. Do you have to be that good? Fine. ;) Seriously though, you are amazing! I need to keep at my painting, I have not picked them up for a long time. But now, I think I may have to because..... that is sooooo good.!!!! Its is so stinkin awesome that you have taken photos of your work from beginning till now. What a inspiring thing for me. I need to see it. It makes me feel inspired and it helps me not be so critical of myself and see that it is all about having fun. And at the same time it evolves, and its so cool to see ALL your work. Please don't stop......seriously!!!!

  2. I think false indigo may be one of my favorite flowers. There's something about the purple/blue color, the shape of the flowers, the soft green foliage, and the way the plants stand tall, yet wave gently in the breeze. Ours is just budding here in CT. You've captured them so well!

    This morning Henry and I are headed to VT, so my week will get more wonderful as we drive north!


  3. I love how detailed and botanical these are. Very nice Anne! Looks like you had a great day!

  4. your table/studio set up looks serene - like a happy afternoon well spent - hang the to-do list!


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