Joy List Monday

  • seeing my college roommate this weekend
  • the fact that my backyard smells like roses
  • reading good books from the library
  • the fact that 2 of my purses found homes
  • ideas for June

It was funny that the day that Jamie was going to come for a visit, that this was the quote of the day in my inbox:

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
                                      --Ralph Waldo Emerson

Certainly is true!

It's also true that my yard smells like roses. Actually, just walking past on the sidewalk, you can smell the roses.

I wonder why that would be.

I guess it's pretty obvious.

A Shropshire Lad

William Morris

Sharifa Asma

Not exactly a difficult mystery to solve.

It feels more like the 4th of July than Memorial Day. I may have to spend some time in the shade reading. At least I have some good books to read. I had been having a hard time getting into anything lately, but this set from the library is bringing me Joy right now.

Joyful, too, is the thought of these two bags being enjoyed by their new owners.

I can't yet share my June ideas, but stay tuned, it's almost June! Being that it's still May, though, here's today's painting:

I'm hot and tired and had to stop working with the watercolors before I got frustrated. They'll remain unfinished for now. 

I hope you're having a Joy filled Monday, whether it's a holiday for you today or not.


  1. I love these joys your sharing with us! And Le Road Trip looks like my kind of read! Is it good?

    1. So far so good! I haven't read much of it yet (savoring it and trying to finish Ghost Knight first), but I'm enjoying it. I loved her first book so much I had to buy it!

  2. What a lot of joys to be thankful for! I love those purses you recently sold. Le Road Trip looks intriguing - I may have to add it to my library list. At the moment I'm reading "The Gardener and The Grill" from my library's cookbook section. Your beautiful David Austin roses make me envious but I recently hiked around a patch of wild roses so I've had my share of their fragrance. We also have tea roses in the garden and lots of peonies that give off a wonderful scent.

    1. I love wild roses! The other day we were hiking and I kept smelling roses. My husband was oblivious. I saw the huge clump of wild roses and had to tramp through the wild weediness so I could go get a close-up sniff. When I returned Matthias said, I didn't even know there was a rose there. Must have a rose-radar! :)

      My peonies have hardly any flowers. They were gorgeous when we were first living here, but I think it's gotten too shady for them.

  3. The bird fabric purse was always my favorite. I'm happy to know it's going to someone who will love it too. Congrats, Anne, it sounds as if your Etsy shop has been happily busy.
    Nice you were finally able to catch up with Jamie. Can it really be 18 years ago that you and she met at Wit??
    Rose joy, sweet!

    1. I think I still have some of the fabric left. Perhaps there's another purse in the future...

      Make me feel old already!

  4. Hi Anne!
    I really like reading your "Joy list", and watching your pictures!!
    Hope your week will be full of joy!!

    1. :) Hi, Laura!! Hope you're feeling joyful, too! You always seem to be. Every time I visit your blog or read one of your comments it makes me smile!! Thanks for that!

  5. It is totally hot here too! Whew! I don't mind one bit though. Great list and photos +painting as always. Can't wait to read what you have planned for June. Happy Tuesday! xo

    1. I would like it a bit cooler before it's suddenly high summer, but the weather is really not for any of us to judge, is it?

      Glad to have been painting with you through May!!!


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