more roses and more daily painting

I stopped in the middle of eating breakfast this morning to run outside and take some photos. The flowers on the branch of Dr. Huey (the rootstock I mentioned yesterday) were fully open this morning and in the grey drizzly morning I thought they'd photograph a little better.

In the second photo you can see the color of the buds of the rose that was grafted onto the Dr. Huey rootstock. It's A Shropshire Lad (yes, another David Austin).

I literally skipped across the yard when I noticed that my Abraham Darby rose had opened this morning.

It's really orange this year. I don't remember it being quite so dark in years past, but I know that all sorts of things can affect a rose's color.

I can't help but share a couple more views of my gardens because they're bringing me such Joy!

The rose in those last two photos is the amazing Jeanne Lajoie, a small-flowered climber. It's growing on one of the arches between my veggie garden area and my checkerboard patio behind the garage. Below it are my strawberries and beside it, running along the back of the garage are more fruits (and the rhubarb): blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries and grapes.

Of course, my helpers came with me as I toured the garden taking photos.

They slept nearby as I painted today, too. Not outside, it's too cold and was a bit drizzly.

Playing around with some experiments in watercolor and working on my poor, lopsided clay pot. Had more in mind for today, but my time has disappeared.


  1. Gorgeous photos and paintings - you have such a beautiful garden, it seems obvious that you have a magic touch when it comes to gardening. Thanks for sharing the photos :-)

    Kat Xx

  2. I just posted a comment and it seems to have disappeared, rendering my next 'Thank YOU' comment to not make sense. In the previous comment I said 'thank yo for the tour', instead of Thank YOU. You have a beautiful garden. Xx

  3. You create beauty wherever you go. :) Amazing flowers, all of them. Good to see the boys happy.

  4. What a lovely,inspiring you are sharing with us. Thanks for that. Our yard doesn't have many sunny spots for flowers but one day I dream of a sunny yard. your experiments are very pretty and flowing. xo

  5. oops, meant to write garden. I need to go to bed! ha ha

  6. beautiful flowers. I enjoyed all your past and present posts very much. I am so amazed at your gardening skills and how many beautiful plants you have taken care of. Your progress in painting is awesome. You have great skill in painting flowers and plants!

  7. Your roses are really divine, Anne! Congrats on keeping up with the painting - I love your clay pot! I've been consumed with other things but hope to get some more painting in soon!

  8. It is wonderful that you remember all the names of your roses! I can only name one in my garden and that is called compassion! I think the flower pot is a lovely painting - I like the rich earthy tones.


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