painting a day -- day 11 and some serious bargains

It's an amazingly beautiful day here today and so far I'm failing miserably at spending time out in it. That's why I chose today's painting to be super simple. After finding hatched egg bits beneath the birds' nest and finding another eggshell when I was out and about, I started thinking about painting eggshells. I also remembered the fact that I love to paint circles of watercolor and watch the colors mingle. Eggs are a bit like circles. So, the eggshells sat on the mantle, waiting.

The color of my painted eggshells is much deeper and less grey than the actual eggshells, but I love that color, so I didn't try to change it when I saw how it took to the paper. Just pushed the paint around a bit to encourage the shadows.

Can't get much more simple than that.

And you can't get better bargains than the ones I found today. This morning I stopped in to check on the liquidation sale at the Jo Ann store by my house (they're closing it to open a bigger one farther away). I had gone in earlier during the sale and had come away with three sewing patterns for 25 cents each, but hadn't been too impressed with the other sales. Today, everything was 90% off.

So, four skeins of Martha Stewart yarn, three spools of crochet cotton, three spools of ribbon, a package of bias tape, two zippers and a pocket guide to mixing color cost me a grand total of $4.96, including tax. I had been lusting after that Martha Stewart yarn (love those colors), but hadn't ever bought any because I didn't have a good excuse. I'd say paying 10% of the cost is a pretty good excuse.

Hope you've had a Joy filled week and that wherever you are you're able to enjoy some sunshine this weekend!


  1. The ultimate bargains, Anne! Wow!
    Your eggshells look so delicate. I love the way you get shadows by moving the paint around. I'll have to try that.
    Thank you for inspiring me with the paint every day in May challenge. I'm really enjoying it!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Gorgeous colours, what a bargain! Thanks for the visit into your studio!

  3. Hi Anne!!
    I really like seeing your paintings!
    You are improving day by day!

  4. beautiful painting Anne. Love the simplicity of this. Like the idea of watercoloring the eggs and the colors mingling. Great bargain!

  5. Wow, the eggs are so pretty. You are enticing me into breaking out the watercolors. And yay on the deals! That is great! Love that soft blue in the ms yarn.


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