painting a day -- day 16

Because I wanted to get my Handmade Joy post up early, I did not try to include my painting for the day in that post. But I did paint today. First I played around with some painted words, something I like to do but haven't done in a while.

I love letting the paint mingle how it wants to and adding water and just watching it all flow. That being said, I wasn't happy with my lettering and wanted to start over and try again. But why, I thought. Let this be. Try something else another day. I've been thinking about Joy in terms of a couple projects that are germinating. Stay tuned.

Next I decided to paint a butterfly. After sketching a page full of them I thought that painting them would be good, too. This time just one. I opened up my butterfly book and for some reason chose a very weird butterfly to paint. Not my usual color scheme and I really didn't like how it was turning out.

So, I just played with the paint and made up an imaginary butterfly, adding color as I wanted to. I don't love it, but I am hoping that the next one will be better. I'm not done with the butterflies. So totally not done with them.

I hope you were able to visit some of the Joy Exchange participants today. I had so much fun seeing all of the entries. So much creativity. So much Joy!


  1. Well Anne. I am happy with your butterfly :) Love the color and love the flow of the watercolor. So pretty! And I love those words, collect everday joys. What are you up to?

  2. The butterfly is stunning Anne and looks 3 dimensional as though it wants to fly off the page! I have never tried painted words. I may give this a go! Have a lovely weekend.


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