painting a day -- day 19

I painted another butterfly in watercolor today.

I've been feeling a bit off the last couple days. And today when I first started painting I was not happy with how this painting was turning out. I was frustrated with myself and with the paint and I was filled with doubts. I'm not sure where these doubts are coming from. They had been good about staying away. But I know that doubts visit everyone. And what makes them so effective is the fact that they often show up without warning, when you least expect it.

In the end I like my painted butterfly. It's nowhere near perfect, but I like the essence of it. And, of course, the colors.

Our beautiful weather is still here. I hope you're having some of it, too. And having the time to enjoy it!


  1. So beautiful Anne!
    I just received an awesome print the other day that says "A beautiful thing is never perfect." A good thing for everyone to keep in mind, I think :)

  2. I know a secret...there's no such thing as "perfect".

    Your butterfly is beautiful and I've loved "watching" you paint your way through May.


  3. I think it is great Anne. I hope you are feeling better today and I really find things that are not "perfect" so much more beautiful! I think I want to paint a butterfly today. :)

  4. Imperfections make things real!!! I would love to see such a beautiful blue butterfly.


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