painting a day -- day 20, flowers

Flowers. I love flowers. Perhaps that's a bit obvious, but there you have it. I woke up this morning and came downstairs. I was greeted by the smell of flowers. First jasmine.

Well, no. That's not entirely true. Although the jasmine is closest to the bottom of the steps, the first smell that greeted me was my new lemon tree's flowers.

Then the jasmine. And finally the hoya in the kitchen.

The hoya flowers are kind of hard to photograph and this angle doesn't really give you a good idea of what they look like. But I had to photograph it like this because this is how I saw it when sitting on the stool in the kitchen this morning before breakfast. I noticed the flower and then something caught my eye outside.

Do you see it? I had to grab my camera and run outside (in my pajamas) with the dogs trailing behind me wondering what fun adventure was afoot.

William Morris. The first of my David Austin roses to bloom this year. I took a whole bunch of photos of it and a couple photos of other flowers and then I went inside to drink some coffee. When I got inside I realized that although I had photographed the rose, I hadn't given it a single sniff! Back outside we went, the dogs still thinking that this was great fun.

And it was.

I didn't get to paint until tonight. I never paint in the dark and never when I'm as tired as I am. I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to paint, either. I didn't want to try anything frustrating. So I sat and looked through my photos from this morning, not really for ideas, but rather to distract me.

I thought that these pinks would make a nice pattern. I wasn't up for pattern making, but I thought I could paint a few.

(Please forgive my photo, it's dark and with this weird energy saving lightbulb, the light is a very odd color). I experimented with different techniques and enjoyed myself pushing the paint around on the page.

Hope your weekend was wonderful and that you got to spend lots of time outside.


  1. How wonderful to have fragrant houseplants! Such a lovely surprise to find a beautiful rose in bloom too. Well done on keeping up with the painting. I am sure I couldn't paint at night!

  2. William Morris. Such a genius. I am glad to see that he has a gorgeous rose named for him.
    My Meyer lemon is completely out of control with it's blossoming craziness. It's quite magical.
    So enjoyed your flowering post this morning, Anne.

  3. Lucky you to have David Austin roses blooming in your garden! I haven't had a lot of luck with roses here other than some older varieties that came with the garden. Your pinks are lovely too and I love how they smell - so spicy! What a lovely start you've got on painting them. I've been painting too -bearded irises in my case since my garden is full of them now. Have a wonderful week discovering new blooms :)

  4. Your post today had smell-a-vision! Love the pinks :)

  5. oooo, ahhh, love that rose and all of your photos of your pretty plants! love your little flower painting, i have a similar photo that I want to paint, dianthus right?

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