painting a day -- day 3, a little bit of hooky

I'm about to jump in the shower and then rush off to work, but I figured I could sit down for a few minutes and work on the start of a little painting.

Just a sort of doodle that I plan to add some pen to once its dry. And yes, the light looks pink in here from the blazing azalea out the bay window.

The morning hooky? Well, on a gorgeous day that Matthias has off, taking the boys for a hike in the woods really was the only option.

The woods are in full bloom.

And we saw so much wildlife, too.

I was delighted to find two salamanders; I haven't seen any for years. And Charlie had fun chasing the frogs. I was amazed that this frog did not move even with us standing right beside him.

yes, totally aware of the inappropriateness of my footwear

Totally worth the day spent outside.

If only I could be napping in the shade now, too.


  1. love the start of the painting Anne. your dogs are so cute napping like that. thanks for sharing your walk in the woods with us. you live in a very pretty place. xo

  2. Thanks! We've been loving the woods lately, going every chance we get. We're lucky that around here there are lots of parks and nature centers to go to, and they all allow dogs.


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