When you have a lot of roses...

eventually you'll have a lot of rose petals.

I finally gave in and cut some roses. It's always hard for me, initially, to cut them. They don't last very long (especially when it's as hot as it's been). These flowers, cut on Friday, were looking wilty today, so I pulled their petals off to dry.

Perhaps I'll use them in sachets with some of my lavender. But right now, I used the nicest petals (and one I plucked from another cut rose) as models for a painting. Yesterday I thought that I should try just painting rose petals. And so today I did.

I also worked a bit more on the William Shakespeare 2000 rose painting from yesterday.

And now I'm much happier with it.

It's hard for me to believe that there are only a few more days left of the month of May and of my painting every day challenge. I've only missed two days so far. I have lots of ideas for June. And, of course, I'll keep painting.


  1. Beautiful with their transparency snd delicacy Anne. Kepp on painting, you are doing great!

  2. I've enjoyed watching your progress through the month of May. Rose petals cannot be an easy subject...nicely done! I look forward to seeing what you have in mind for next month.

    1. Thanks, Andria. The petals weren't too bad. I tried a few different techniques and had fun. Each was a tiny painting in itself, so it seemed a lot more doable that way.

  3. I love the delicate rose petals. you are getting real good!

  4. Those petals look so real, like I could pick them off the page. I think your love for your roses is bringing your painting to life - a bit of magic & a lot of skill :-)

    Kat Xx

  5. I love your rose petals and your ws 2000. Very pretty Anne!

  6. Beautiful - I can hardly tell which are the real petals and which are painted ;)


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