Joy in the garden

Hello! Won't you join me in my garden?

It's been a while. I've been busy. Trying to soak up all the glory of June and trying not to get frustrated by things like getting lost in the woods and a day wasted because of a migraine. But those things happen. And there is still beauty and Joy to be found every day and I've been scrawling something down in my notebook each day. Often it's something garden related.

The roses are still amazing and new ones keep opening.


Winchester Cathedral

Lady Emma Hamilton


My tomatoes are growing in spite of the fact that my vegetable area is getting shadier each year.

I took that photo five days ago and the plants are nearly twice as big today.

I harvested my first raspberries. Somehow the birds didn't discover them, but the strawberries have been disappearing.

I have more to share, but I need to get going. I have another Etsy purchase to send out today.

Hope your week has been filled with sunshine and Joy!


  1. I love your garden Anne! I have been writing in my joy every day book. It has helped me to focus a lot more.

  2. Gorgeous Anne, hope you are well! I have been thinking of you but not stopped by for a while.... lovely to see some summer gardening, we are in the start of winter... I was out in the yard yesterday for the first time in the new house - beautiful soil it has. Very exciting. Your garden looks divine, would love to sit on that deck and share a cool summer lemonade after strolling in your garden! love to you xx

  3. That first photograph is magical! Lovely roses.

  4. Anne if you knew how much rain we are having... I have to go out periodically and empty my vintage pans with no drainage holes in, because everything is waterlogged. My tomatoes have stayed the same size as when I planted them four weeks back :( I will be moving to Florida real soon! lol

  5. Hi Anne!!
    Your garden looks wonderful!!
    Here in Uk the weather is terrible! So, enjoy the sun as much as you can! :)


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