Joy in off days

Yesterday was an off sort of day for me.  But even on off days I've been trying to scribble a few Joys in my notebook. Actually, I think that on off days a focus on Joy is even more important.

They needn't be big things. Rather, the whole point of the Joy notebook is to capture all those little Joys so that they don't go unnoticed.

Like the pleasure of sitting in the grass and cutting lavender while drinking coffee. Or spying a new flower that's opened.

Or sitting beside one that I didn't know about until I smelled it.

What a pleasure to be painting lavender flowers while smelling jasmine.

Or taking pleasure in colors and textures and juxtapositions.

I felt nothing but Joy when I was packaging a custom patchwork belt I'd made. It looked so pretty spiraled in that box.

It's been taking me a long time to figure out what color to paint my studio. I've taped paint chips on the one long wall, adding and subtracting.

I think I might have decided, but I keep second guessing. I may just have to force myself to pick.

I missed my Monday Joy List last week. I didn't write a separate list from the daily Joys. But I wrote one yesterday and here it is:

  • rain, finally
  • summer (almost) and being outside
  • finding a bathing suit
  • garden eating
  • blooms
  • color
One thing that I made this week from the garden was a very herby pizza (it's always a good idea to bake something in a 500 degree oven when it's really hot outside! Ha!). I love this photo I took of the pizza baking.

Can you see that I have a cat on my lap and a dog leaning against my back? What's more Joyful than a just about ready to eat pizza and cat and dog cuddles?

What's bringing you Joy this week?


  1. I love the joys you've listed here - you're right, what's better than a fresh pizza plus a cuddle from those that love you? Your lavender renderings are so lovely and delicate. My lavenders are opening here too; I love crushing a bloom or two in the garden (mindful of bees, though) to release the scent. And roses, who could get enough of roses? Hope your week is going great!

  2. awhhh... that is so cute with your animals Anne. Your pizza looks yummy too. What a lovely joy list! I can almost smell your lavender. You are awesome with your botanical art! Have a great day and happy (almost) summer!! xoxo

  3. Just now I found great joy in your flowers, your delicate watercolor painting and your wonderful pizza portrait!
    Also finding joy in my artistic pursuits.
    Have a great day, Anne!

  4. The lavender painting is exquisite Anne - so delicate. I love your attention to detail and the way you have lovingly packed the etsy purchase. You inspire me!!!

  5. Love the lavender, love the strawberry, love the pizza in the oven - cannot see the cat & dog but I am sure they are there - and love that you had rain. Wish it would rain in Chicago!

  6. My first visit and ilove your photography and artwork. Beautiful flower paintings.


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