antidote for post-vacation blues

Hi, there. It's July (can you believe it?) and I'm back. As much as it is nice to be back in my little house surrounded by my garden, I have bad case of post-vacation blues. So, what's the antidote?

cutting flowers for the house is sure to help

I've come up with a little list:
  • enjoying and puttering in the garden
  • washing laundry
  • sleeping on clean sheets
  • eating yummy foods (ice cream doesn't hurt)
  • reading my Joy notebook from the month of June (esp. from vacation)
  • looking at vacation photos
  • blogging about vacation
What do you think? It's worth a try!

We spent the week on Beaver Island surrounded by Lake Michigan.

The journey there took us 13 hours, including a 2 hour ferry ride. The dogs came with us and although a little frightened on the ferry, traveled really well.

They also seemed to like the water.

photo by Matthias Minnig

Especially Charlie.

photo by Matthias Minnig

We stayed in a cabin in the woods on a lake (a lake within a lake). There were seven of us altogether, plus three dogs.

Abby, the cutest golden retriever puppy EVER, even when she bites your toes

Most days we all did our own things, only coming together for dinner (always delicious; thank you, Tom and Susan!). The weather was wonderful (though a tad too cool for me to swim). I spent a lot of time reading (I read three books!), sitting in the sun, going for walks. I went fossil hunting and beach combing. I did some sketching, a little painting, a bit of writing and took bunches of photos. Guess it's no wonder that I have the blues.

I walked to the beach just about every day. Usually with the dogs and sometimes Matthias (and his dad). Once just me, my camera and my sketchbook.

I could not get over all the different colors of blue in the water and the sky. The photos don't do it justice. They don't do justice to the beautiful sunsets we saw, either.

I do feel better after that. Thanks for indulging me!

Although the heat is exhausting, I'm full of inspiration and hope to be sharing some projects with you soon.

What's inspiring you and bringing you Joy today?


  1. We must have been in the same neighborhood! So glad you're back here in this space,

  2. Fills me with happiness knowing you had such a lovely break in a beautiful place with your favorite people. Nice photos, and I look forward to seeing more.

  3. Looks lovely Anne. I don't blame you for being a bit blue. I am glad you had a great rest though and you are filled up with inspiration and hope. xoxo

  4. What a stunning location! I could live there happily :-) Beautiful photos Anne! No wonder you feel a little blue leaving such a gorgeous place but you must have some wonderful memories. I for one could look at plenty more of these photos - it was like a mini break in my imagination :-) I may have to check to see if you have more on facebook.
    Wishing you a joy filled week!
    Kat Xx

  5. Your list of joys to come home to are as sweet as the photos of your trip! Those dogs look like they have fun wherever they are! Having just returned from my own vacation I understand your blues but the trick is to celebrate those things you enjoy only when your home, be it eating ice cream from the carton or puttering in the garden :) Also going through all your vacation photos, so you can share your adventures with your friends.

  6. Fantastic photos! I can really sense the feeling of your vacation through them. I don't have a vacation planned for this year. I didn't have one last year of the year before either!!! I am sure your photos will give you a source of inspiration over the coming months and those warm memories will live on in yout heart.

  7. Welcome back, Anne!
    No wonder you have post vacation blues, after being in such a beautiful place! So glad you had a restful, relaxing time. Great photos - thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Looks lovely no wonder you're feeling blue. Thanks for the map too - good idea for us out-of-townies :) And I would die to get a photo of butterflies like you did.

  9. Thanks, everyone! Lovely comments from my bloggy friends should have made that antidote list! Because they sure are an antidote for the blues, bringing me Joy every time!

  10. Oh wow, great pictures Anne! Thanks for sharing them. Clean sheets are up there on that list for me too! and gardening of course ;)

  11. I enjoyed your vacation story! The me time is enriching. Love your photos and your dogs are just adorable. Have a nice day!

  12. Beautiful pictures!! I felt like being there with you!!
    If my dog was still alive, she would have been in the water with yours!! She liked it so much!!
    I'm happy you had such a nice holiday!


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