bucking the mood, and a thank you

Just wanted to start by saying thank you for all the comments about bad moods. Guess my last post struck a chord.

I know I shouldn't have been surprised by my bad mood. But I was. I've always been a moody person, but in these last months I've been working on focusing on Joy (I like Simone's comment about practicing being joyful... it's true!). More than anything I was mad that I was feeling grumpy. I had no reason to be grumpy and yet I was. How dare a grumpy mood descend on me?! But if you throw punches at that grumpy mood, it will return the blows. Checking out for a while really does help and I love the ideas left in the comments, too.

  • sing a little song
  • watch a funny TV show or movie
  • acknowledge the mood and observe it from the outside
  • have a tantrum and laugh at the silliness of it
  • do something physical
  • lose yourself someplace interesting and beautiful
So, thank you, for that!

I'm still sewing and am excited for the projects in the works and still in my head.

I have ideas coming out of my ears and I just want to keep going. Which is fine, but I also want to paint my studio. Can't do both at the same time. If I just finish these next two projects...

Another thing I did to help my mood was leave early for work yesterday and stop at a thrift store on the way. 

They were a bit grimy sitting on the shelves in the Salvation Army, but thanks to some soapy water are now glowing once again. They'll look great with my other milk glass vases.

Hope your day is sweet!


  1. Glad you're doing better, Anne!
    Milk glass always reminds me of my mother, who loved it - so pretty!
    I'm really dying to see what you're making with that fabric!!

  2. Hi Anne!
    I really like your milk vases!! ...and those blackberries you show in the picture!
    Hope you're feeling joyful and happy as ever!

  3. Some great tips on how to lift a grumpy mood!!! I love that milk glass and how lucky you was to come by some in a thrift store. It is difficult when you have so many things you want to do. I have been finishing up a project today just so that I can work on the next. I think we are quite similar in that respect!

  4. Hi Anne. I saw this and thought of you and your joy...http://www.oprah.com/own-super-soul-sunday/Celebrate-30-Days-of-Happiness-with-Oprah-Video, I think Oprah is reading your blog!!! :)

  5. Hi Anne
    Sorry you had a grumpy time but pleased you've engaged in some lovely joy making activities to combat it. Your comment about being annoyed at being grumpy made me laugh because it struck a chord with me too, knowing exactly what you mean. If possible I disappear into a book or/and get out & immerse myself in beautiful nature. Oh and visit friends so that I can laugh.
    Kat Xx


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