Joy List Monday -- another list in photos and more grump fighting ideas

This is the last Monday in July. Can you believe it? The summer is flying by. I don't always do a good job of savoring the moments or of fighting off grumpiness but I'm glad that I'm keeping my daily Joy notebook and making lists on my blog. Taking photos helps to savor the moments and I've been trying to do a lot of that. With Instagram and with my real camera, too. So today's Joy list will be in photos again this week. Looking back at my Joy lists and at my photos can be a good place to look for ideas on how to improve my mood, too. For example, there's always flowers:

And spending time with the guys I love

in beautiful places.

And if you have to spend your one day off cleaning and doing laundry and running errands...

"Hello," strawberry shake.

Discovering secrets in my garden is one of my biggest Joys. I recently found that I have lots of cucumbers coming along.

And even one big enough to pick.

It's technically supposed to be a pickle, but I couldn't wait. And it was good.

What wasn't good was how the photos from my sewing shoot turned out.

Over exposed. Strange positioning of my hands (and other body parts). Flowers growing out of my head. All perils of a tripod and a timer and shooting outside when one minute it's cloudy and the next the sun is glaring. Basically, the worst part is that you can't really tell what these tops I've sewn look like and when that's the whole point... I will just have to be patient enough to wait until I can have the help of a certain photographer.

I hope your week is off to a Joyful start. And if you need to create some Joy, there's always painting your toenails and spending time with a four legged friend. Never fails.


  1. Lovely, lovely. The top is great. I love the picture with all your cute faces. Anne, you are on my joy list.

  2. I'll bet you just have gobs and gobs of beautiful flowers through out your neat and tidy home. Mine is a mess and I rarely cut flowers for myself. I should do it more often, I know. But I just can't bare to cut them unless they are about to meet a weather type of demise.

    What a super cute top you've sewn! I have quite a few unfinished sewing projects laying in heaps. *sigh*...

  3. Recording joy in photos is a great idea! Your roses in the milk glass vases, you and "your guys" - beautiful photos!
    Actually, I can see your new top very well and it's so cute. And I agree about painted toenails - always a spirit lifter!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  4. A great post Anne. You really do grow the most beautiful roses. I am going to give you the grand title Lady of the Roses! A wonderful photo of you and the guys you love.

  5. Your roses are amazing! Beautiful shots Anne xx


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