dew and bees

In the morning in the garden when everything is covered with dew, I've been finding bees slumbering in the flowers.

I imagine them at the end of the day, heavy with pollen and sleepy.

The day has turned cooler and the sun has faded as darkness falls and the sleepy, heavy bees can't make it home.

They cling to the last flower of the day to wait for the sun to return, to wake them and dry the dew from their fuzzy bodies. Is it a pleasant way to spend the night, I wonder.


  1. Nice. Tell your dad that Bill likes to pet the bumblebees between their wings.

  2. There are many, many bumblers in the cucumber, squash and pumpkin blossoms here at the farm. You can hear their collective humming from across the garden. Your post makes me think those blossoms may be akin to twin, queen, and king sized overnight accommodations. Yes, a very fine way for them to pass the night when unable to find their way home.
    Lovely photos, Anne.

  3. A lovely hazy morning. I have wondered where the bees sleep at night. A flower bed seems to be the ideal!

  4. Nice pictures!!
    I think those flowers are really comfortable beds for bees!! ..and really perfumed, too!

  5. What a sweet thought - bees slumbering after a hard day's work!
    Beautiful photos!

  6. Such pretty pictures! I'd love to spend the night in a rose, wouldn't you?


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