Monday Joy

Hello, there. How have days been treating you? Here we've been having gorgeous weather and I've been trying to enjoy it, going for walks, spending time in the garden. My house is feeling super cozy with the return of my furniture and other belongings and now that the temperatures have been cooler, I've actually burned some candles lately, too. As much as I want summer to last, I will also be glad to welcome the arrival of fall. But not too soon; I'm not ready to give up my roses just yet.

My studio has been coming along. I'm trying to be patient, knowing that things will come together and that eventually everything will be organized and easily at hand, surrounding me and inspiring me in my creative nest. Because that is my plan. For my space to be organized, but for everything to be RIGHT THERE. I need to be able to see my beautiful fabrics and yarns and paints and papers in order to be inspired by them. I've also been reminding myself to continue creating even if my space is chaotic. With that in mind I worked on some painting. The first in a LONG time. It was hard to overcome my inertia. And a bit scary. But it was also delightful to be painting in my studio.

I'm feeling very rusty, but hope to move past that by doing more painting.

I need to figure out a way to organize my time so that I'm regularly doing a bit of everything I love to do. Because in truth, I have been horrible at that lately. I abhor the idea of a strict schedule, but maybe that's what I need. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fit everything into a mere 24 hours a day?

One of the things that I've been horrible at is keeping my daily Joy lists. I packed my handmade notebook into my purse for the trip to the farm and there it stayed. I would think of it and then be distracted by something else. The small ritual of paying attention to those things that bring me Joy each and every single day is something that I've been missing. It's become an important way for me to live, paying attention, awake to the beauty of life, grateful. I wrote a Joy list for today:

  • my studio
  • painting
  • my cozy house
  • the dogs
  • my garden

I'm hoping that your days have been full of Joy.


  1. Hi Anne!!
    Your roses are wonderful! And I love the pictures of your dogs taking a bath!!
    I can't give you any suggestion, because I'm not good in organising my time: I find I always have too many things to do and too many that I would like to do...and never find the time for all of them!
    Have a good time!

  2. Lovely roses and painting! Love seeing the dogs in the kiddie pool. Too cute! If only there were a way to fit it all in. I still haven't figured that one out yet.

  3. I really enjoy visiting your blog Anne. Your paintings are really coming along - such depth of colour. As a way of preserving your roses, could you make rose petal jam? That way you could be reminded of them throughout the winter months! I bet your dogs really enjoyed their cool water bath! They have settled in so well with you and Matthias. I hope you have a lovely week full of many joys.


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