Do you find it frustrating when things are going slowly? As much as I like taking things slowly, things like drinking coffee in the morning or walking through the garden taking photographs or savoring a beautiful book or magazine, most of the time I'm in a hurry. I want things done RIGHT NOW. No matter what those "things" might be. This time it's my studio.

I want it set up and organized so I can get down to business. But I've hit a bit of a wall with that. I need space (furniture) to store all my materials because boxes and baskets in the middle of the floor doesn't exactly work. The shelves that I had been using (stolen from the sun porch) had to move back to the sun porch and are now housing some of the (7, 8, 9 boxes, I can't remember) of books I brought back from the farm. Yesterday I drove all over the place popping in thrift shops as well as big box stores and a couple "fancy" furniture stores looking for storage options. I have an ideal in my head which is proving impossible to find. As I was sitting in traffic I was overwhelmed by a wave of melancholy. And I realized that what I really wanted to be doing was drawing and painting, not driving around and shopping. Did I draw or paint yesterday? No. I came home and did more organizing and cleaning and then it was time to make a late dinner and not long after that, time to go to bed.

(With new, clean sheets and roses on our bedside tables... not bad at all).

This morning in my inbox I found that the "quote of the day" was another hint that I need to step back and reassess things.

"Those who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its brevity."
                                                    --Jean de La Bruyere

Yes, I want to exclaim, "what?!?! Tomorrow is Friday already??" I guess I've been making less than stellar use of my time. But I've been cooking with yummy garden produce (thanks, Mom!) and I took a walk through Lake View Cemetery with Matthias and the dogs, taking lots of Instagram photos.

Maybe I should have been doing more "productive" things, but soaking up the beauty of the cemetery and enjoying the nearly perfect weather we've been having seem like pretty good things to be "wasting" time doing.

And so, it comes down to balance once again. Balance between productivity and slowly savoring. Balance between needing to be organized and (temporarily) ignoring the chaos. But most of all I need to remind myself (yet again) to SLOW DOWN. Will I ever learn? Maybe.

Until then, I will just enjoy my in-progress studio and the beauty and Joy that are already infusing the space. I'm loving my new color (Behr's Sweet Apricot) and discovered something else to love about it this morning.

That glow on the bedside table and the window frame? That's not the sun. That's the glow from the peachy walls of my studio. Yep, it took me forever, but I think I found the perfect, Joyful color for the walls.


  1. Ana White is a woman in Alaska who makes "knock-off" furniture from big names and posts her plans for free for beginners to make their own. Maybe you could peruse around her site and find that ideal that's in your head!

    Then, you can have exactly what you and unleash a bit of your own handiwork and creativity at the same time!

  2. IWe painted our first home's bedroom walls an apricot/peach color and I can remember my dad helping but with skeptical "You sure you want this color in here?" comments. Yes we did! It was like waking up in a champagne glass, lovely and flattering to the skin. You expressed my occasional "take it slow, hurry up" frustration perfectly. Those TV shows where a house is redecorated or restaurant revamped in 48 hours make it seem like every idea is easily achieved, no matter how far-fetched (perhaps it is with enough experts and money tossed at the project). But good work usually takes time and artists can't do good work without the occasional wander off the path. Thank you for reminding me that the occasional diversion is good for the soul.

  3. It looks AWESOME so far Anne! I love it. What is that pattern patchwork? A back of a shelf? Love that too! And your little bedside vase and flower, so cute. I think your time sounds very well spent. xoxo

  4. Must be wonderful finally having all your lovely bits back. Your studio looks amazing. Love the reflected color of the apricot. Good choice. You've got me dreaming of colors for the farmhouse now.
    Take it slow. It's the driftless way and a good one.

  5. I think we are in the same mind set at the moment Anne. The difference is you have a lovely tidy home whereas I do not! I am glad you decided on a wall colour for your studio. I am sure apricot will look good all year round - fresh in the spring and warm in the autumn/winter months.


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