(not really) back in the swing of things

I'm back, but I can't really claim to be "in the swing of things". Nope. I'm back and feel like a bear who's just woken from hibernation, sluggish and sleepy and ready to crawl back into bed which is kind of funny because I probably got more sleep last night than any of the nights this weekend. But it also makes sense because the day is dark and rainy and dreary and the weekend weather was perfectly beautiful.

I didn't even really mind the drive. It started out with pouring rain and ended up in a typical Chicago traffic jam. All the better for taking photos through my buggy windshield. Knowing that good times are waiting helped, too. And although I started out snapping plenty of photos on my drive, I didn't really take that many photos this weekend. It's kind of sad because the weekend was FULL of visual inspiration.

We walked and walked and walked and ate and ate and ate and chatted and chatted and chatted.

I fell in love with the teeny tiny, perfectly kept gardens, the courtyards and balconies and the hint of rooftop gardens in Alison's neighborhood. And yet, returning home to my messy, sprawling yard (well, comparatively sprawling) felt so nice, too.

As did going to bed with one of my roses beside me.

And, of course, being back with all my boys. But probably the most exciting thing that happened when I came back yesterday was the beginning of the class I'm taking. Remember back to my dream list? Well, this fall I'm taking a metalsmithing class. Wanted to do it in the summer, but because of my vacation I would have had to miss a week of class, so I waited till fall.

The first class was jam packed with information and we started practicing using a jeweler's saw on copper sheets. I know, not very impressive, but I am thrilled anyway and my mind is jumping ahead to more elaborate possibilities.

How about you? How was your weekend? How's this week shaping up?


  1. I always LOVE your shots but that pathway one ... oh I love it to bits!!!

  2. Glad that you had a lovely time. Good luck with the metalsmithing classes. I think I would be wary of cutting myself!

  3. Your time in Chicago looks awesome! And how fun to come back to a new class and new techniques to carry you into fall. I hope you've had a chance to catch up and feel at home again :)


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