Joy List Monday

It's been a while since I've done a Joy list. What about you? Have you been keeping lists of things that bring you Joy? Do you want to play along today?

  • sitting in my cozy living room by the fire 
  • leftover soup waiting in the refrigerator for lunch
  • roses still blooming in the garden
  • Matthias back from California
  • projects in progress and time to work on them

I'll probably work on that painting and play with some yarn and fabric (and paper), too, though I've realized that lately my main problem with accomplishing is wanting to work on too many things at once and not being able to decide what to focus on. We'll see how I do. Being stuck inside will certainly help limit distractions.

As distractions go, gorgeous weather and playing outside is really pretty awesome (and the fact that beautiful weather doesn't last is one of the things that makes it so awesome).

I'm hoping that everyone within the hurricane's influence stays safe and dry and warm. And I'm hoping that you are having a Joyful day today. Even on the dreariest day there is something to be grateful for and some little bit of Joy that shines out. Notice it. Savor it.


  1. You top my joy list today, Anne.
    Happy your Matthias is back home.
    Surely wish I could stroll your garden with you and share a cup of tea by the fire.

  2. I love the pastel Autumn hues in your photos Anne. It has made me think that Autumn need not only be in orange and brown but in peachy pinks, creamy white pumpkin and sky blue! I am feeling extremely joyful that you have posted today. It has been a blanket of grey and opressive sky here today and I find your blue sky photo so uplifting. Beautiful delicate artwork Anne. You really do have an eye for beauty.

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  4. Really beautiful images. Your watercolour is just devine. I dream to paint like that.
    I also hope everyone safety and care within the hurricane region.


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