I thought I'd share a couple more photos from my trip now that I'm home.

The view from the window of the room where we stayed.

We slept in Matthias' aunt and uncle's library room in a part of their house that was once a barn.

The weather was rainy, but it was also warm, so we did spend a little time outdoors. We took a hike on a nature trail in Van Hornesville (a beautiful old town).

And we stopped at a Russian Orthodox monastery.

The grounds were beautiful there. Lots of gardens and flowers and even this massive rose.

The flower was giant, but it didn't have much fragrance.

Andy and Kathy's property was especially beautiful this year with the colors at their peak.

We had a wonderful time that passed much too quickly.

One last thing before I tackle the laundry. Simone mentioned that she wanted to know what book it was that I finished reading yesterday. I'm glad she asked because it's one that I want to recommend: Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna. It's beautifully written, vast and expansive, at times heartbreaking, but also hopeful. Read it!

Ok, signing off for real now. Enjoy your days.


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! Off to check out that book now!

  2. Stunning location. Thanks for the book recommendation too. I am always interested in a good book. :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! Wow, what an inspiring view. Love that last one of the patio chairs too - it invites you to sit and look at the trees.

  4. Thank you for sharing the book details Anne. Your break looks wonderful - just look at all those Autumnal colours!!! Absolutely stunning photos.

  5. Stunning photos Anne - your trip location looks like it was a perfect place to relax & enrich your soul as well as gather tons of inspiration. The Inspiration Avenue challenge this week is 'Orange' - perhaps you should enter one of these photos with there wonderful autumnal hues.

    So sorry I haven't visited in a while but you have been in my thoughts & I shall try harder to be a better blogging friend in future :-)



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