On the way home

I'm tucked into the back seat of the truck on our way back home from upstate New York. It's raining. The dogs are sleeping behind me. I just finished the book I was reading and my head is full of thoughts. Thoughts about the book. Thoughts from the trip. I'm full of project ideas, too. Inspired. Inspired, but tired. And stuck in the car, for at least a little while longer.

Just caught sight of a bald eagle out the rainy window. A chance sighting as I glanced up, watching the colored leaves hoping for photos. I felt unprepared for this trip. The day before we left I was sick, barely able to think straight enough to remember what I needed to pack. The morning we left, too. But the trip itself was lovely. Despite the almost constant rain. The autumn colors, hazy with fog and mist and rain. I don't feel prepared for my next trip, either. Just around the corner. I may be away from this place for a while. Or maybe I will post a photo here and there. Either way, ideas will be percolating and inspiration accumulating.

Hope your days have been beautiful, inspiring and joyful.


  1. I'd love to be able to read in the car. My stomach has other ideas. I do love it though when you mind is full of new project ideas.

  2. I hope all is well Anne. Will you share the book with us?

  3. You were in NY!! Where oh, where? I hope you are feeling well now!


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