comfort and joy

Hello, again. How have you been this past week? If you celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope it was lovely. Mine was. A whirlwind without much sleep, but fun and cozy. Got to meet my father-in-law's new greyhound. Greyhound fever, watch out, it's catching.

How could anyone resist that sweet face? So it was lots of walks

and visits to the dog park (we had amazing, sunny, warm weather!) and lazy, cozy afternoons.

Well not LOTS because we were only there for two days, but it was great.

Today Matthias and I had the day off together and took a trip over to the West Side.

Thrift shops, antique shops. Lots to see and think about and a few bargains, including this awesome lamp. $3!

We had a late lunch at Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Mmmmm... freshly pulled Christmas Ale.

Finally a walk through the West Side Market where we picked up some cheeses and some lamb. We're making shepherd's pie for dinner.

I've been working on an exciting project that I hope to share with you soon.

Wishing you all lots of comfort and joy this week!


  1. How fun!!! What's the new greyhound's name?

  2. Hi Anne!!
    Thank you for the pictures! I really like them, especially the one with all the dogs lying on the floor!! :)

  3. Lovely photos Anne. It looks like you had a really relaxing time. Great, happy photo of you and Matthias and I would love to visit the market and try out all kinds of different foods!

  4. Beautiful blog, photos and paintings. You are so talented and creative.


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