in and out

After a very wet and dreary start to the fall, it's been wonderful to finally have some sunshine.

So around here it's been rambles in the woods

and big bowls of soup

and warmth and smells of baking

And although I have a whole bunch of projects I'm working on, all I really want to do is cook and eat and paint. And paint some more.

I did manage some sewing, finally making the curtains for my studio.

Cut from thrifted sheets, these are perfect. Sheer, but not too sheer. And the material is light enough not to be bulky when they're pushed open. So, easy, too, because I used the decorative top edge as the pocket for the curtain rod and the flat sheet edges as the interior edges. Just cut to size and then hem the sides and bottom and... instant curtain.

Other things bringing me Joy today? A chair picked up on the side of the road

and my gorgeous amaryllis flowers.

What about you? What are you enJoying today?


  1. Another find! Just perfect for the sunroom.
    Nice new curtains in your studio, too.
    Your amaryllis is beautiful. My two old bulbs are still resting in the basement but I bought a new one that is putting out a nice fat bud. And my first batch of paperwhites is in glorious bloom ready for dad to complain about when he gets here tomorrow.

  2. ps
    taking a second look, I see your rescued rubber plant is thriving in Ohio!

  3. Dearest sweet anne, that was indeed a very beautiful day! I love all your gorgeous photos and that curtain in your studio is just beautiful! I am so happy to be back on blogland and visiting! Hope all is good and wonderful! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  4. A very uplifting post Anne. The weather has been dull and dreary here all day so it is a joy to see all the colour in your post. I was thinking about making some curtains for my dining room. You have inspired me to make some!

  5. Love your photos, as always, Anne.
    Your curtains are so smart - sheer enough to let light in, but such a pretty pattern!
    Hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving!

  6. We have had a dry and sunny fall (not complaining!) but we're finally seeing some serious cold weather. Maybe snow by Christmas? Love your new curtains and chair. You've inspired me to dig through my fabric pile and make something - an apron perhaps? Thanks for sharing that amaryllis!


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