working with metal

Monday was the last day of my metalsmithing class. Do you remember me mentioning it? I'm so glad I went ahead and took the class. The eight weeks went by so fast, but were so full. Both in the class and out of it and I'm glad I arranged things so I didn't have to miss a single night. Getting to the end I felt bummed. That it was over and that I hadn't created more pieces and that I didn't finish my main project (which, at the last minute suddenly became much more elaborate than it had been before). This part is done, though (well, for the most part).

It kept getting more and more complicated as I worked on it. The petals and the center of the flower started as flat sheets of metal that I cut out with a jeweler's saw, heated with a torch to make workable and then hammered and hammered and hammered.

The base was a metal rod that I tapered and hammered and the ends were balled up with torches (yes, it took the heat of two torches at the same time to melt the metal so it would form into a ball).

There was soldering and drilling and riveting and it was all so much fun. The instructor was fantastic. Not only was she very skilled at working with metal and explaining how to work with metal, but the best part was how much she enjoyed brainstorming with you when you had an idea and questions about making that idea into a reality. Her eyes would light up when she'd have an idea and her enthusiasm and encouragement made everything so much fun.

I'm still a bit away from my dream of making botanical jewelry, but I'm on my way.

What about you? Been working on anything dreamy these days?


  1. welcome to the club! I think you are officially obsessed with the process -- like me :)
    Your piece is super impressive. Keep going!

  2. Oh WOW this is gorgeous, truly lovely!! The course sounds so much fun and your piece makes me want to have a go too :-)

    I'm not sure about working on something dreamy but I'm busy crafting & creating. I really want to join in with Art Everyday month but so far I'm creating daily but getting little time to blog what with kids Birthdays and various other commitments this month. I managed a catch up post a couple of days ago but that's it so far. Right now I'm having a coffee to wake me up before I get down to making & creating :-)

    Kat Xx

  3. Well done Anne. Artfully photographed too! Learning new skills opens so many more doors.

  4. So beautiful! Working with metal looks hard; great job.

  5. That's beautiful Anne! Are you going to take another metal class? You are so talented, especially when it comes to interpreting flowers in various mediums. Wow - I'm impressed!

  6. Wow, that is beautiful Anne! You seem well on your way to making your dream come true! What will this piece become?


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