holiday cheer

I've been doing a little decorating around here. It feels good. Cozy. Shiny. Sparkly.

I did end up making some of those wintery jars. I wish I'd had more materials to make more of them because it was so much fun.

We haven't put up a tree yet and I'm not sure if we will, but I do have a couple shiny trees around.

(Yes, I meant to be finished painting the cabinet in the dining room and the cedar chest in the living room before Christmas, but some things just didn't happen. I always have more ideas and plans than time. I'm ok with that. Much better than having the opposite arrangement).

Every year I have dreams of filling the house from top to bottom with flowers. I added one new little orchid on the dining room table.

Sweet. And speaking of sweet... my little flying pig got dressed up in a velvet ribbon.

Now all I need is to turn on our twinkly lights, light some candles and wait for the snow.


  1. Beautiful decorations. I like cars in the jars covered by snow. Anne, I made your soup yesterday, it was delicious and so wintery.It was nice to make and discover something new. So thank you very much for sharing. Have a lovely, hopefully white weekend.

  2. LOVE the wintery jars! Merry Christmas to you, Matthias, and the boys.

  3. I love the jam jars! Squirelling that away for next year ;) HAppy Christmas :)


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