joy list

I think it's time for a Joy list. What about you? Are you finding Joy around you right now? Go look and then write it down.

  • skies that look like watercolor paintings
  • flowers and green, growing things all around me
  • steaming mugs of coffee and tea
  • wiggly greyhound greetings
  • twinkly lights in the house at night
  • reading good books
  • toast spread with Nutella
  • sunny days
  • creative people living their Joy, creating and sharing it with the world
  • the way watercolor paint mixes, merges and blends on paper
  • shiny baubles
  • fresh, clean sheets
  • brisk walks with energetic dogs
  • coming across a group of five deer in the park
  • music
  • dog toys scattered all over the house
  • putting on a favorite perfume
  • wrapping up in a crocheted or patchwork blanket
  • sighting a falcon(!!!) in the backyard


  1. Sighting a falcon in the backyard would be hard to beat!

  2. Beautiful. it was pleasure to read it and even bigger pleasure is to imagine it. thank you so much for sharing.

  3. -a "what is said in the car stays in the car" conversation with two of my amazing daughters, ages 26 and 21.
    -those two same daughters singing in the kitchen last night while baking sugar cookies.
    -hanging out with my Henry cat.
    -casting on a prayer shawl for someone in sandy hook, three towns north of us, here in ct. knitting comfort, hope and light into every stitch.
    -the odd comfort of a foggy day.
    -folding freshly laundered linens, scented with lavender.
    -the paper white narcissus and christmas cactus blooming in the dining room.


  4. Good idea, Anne.
    Here's mine:
    -anticipating my daughter's visit next week
    -a lovely Christmas party last night with friends
    -a warm kitty on my lap, and another above me on the back of my chair
    -the warm glow of Christmas lights throughout the house
    -the joy of stitching little last minute gifts
    There, that felt good!
    Thank you for the reminder, Anne! :)

  5. having you as a daughter, now that's joy!

  6. love your list and what your mom wrote. :) i wrote and shared my list today on my site. Thanks Anne for the inspiration. xoxo

  7. Your list is wonderful. I'm going to do my list on my blog tonight--it's always good to think of the things that give us joy!


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