last of 2012

I have to say that the fact that it's New Year's Eve today snuck up on me. I felt perfectly content to remain nestled into those days between Christmas and New Year. A festive time. A cozy time.

But here we are, at the cusp.

2012 you were a good year. You may have started out a little rocky, but I was hopeful for your transformation and hope won out. Hope and Joy. I learned that a focus on Joy makes life more Joyful. I did some wonderful traveling in 2012 and hiked many, many miles with my sweet boys. I finally took a metalsmithing class and spent many hours painting. I think I turned a corner with my painting this year, or at least, my thoughts about my painting did. Adding paintings to my Etsy shop is proof of that.

During this past week of snow and snow, I've become a bit obsessed with snuggling inside with yarn and a crochet hook. One of my goals for 2013 is to make more sweaters. Although I want to do more than just crochet during my free time, I've enjoyed being so focused.

This vest is almost finished.

I'm sure there is more to say about both 2012 and 2013, but for now, I will leave it.

Wishing each of you a wonderful New Year.


  1. Happy New Year Anne! Let's hope it is a good one!!!

  2. The vest, the rose - your photography!
    What can I say, Anne?
    Simply beautiful!!
    Wishing you all good things in 2013!! xo

  3. I agree with Judy - your photos make the year end cozy and bright! Happy New Year - may it be full of creative joy.

  4. Happy New Year Anne - sending wishes for more good things :) x

  5. Happy, happy New Year Anne. Beautiful photos (rose, and green yarn are my favourite, beautiful dark, blue shades on the snow as well), and beautiful description of your 2012. I cannot believe you have got so much snow at home...
    It is such a spring day in Edinburgh today. 'Cozy time' idea sounds great. Enjoy it!!!

  6. Happy New Year Anne! I was just checking out your Etsy shop the other day and I'd agree your painting is marvelous! It's been a joy to see you come so far in really a short amount of time. I love your photos but I long for the days of roses and wildflowers. Soon.

    xx Jaime

  7. The photo of the snowy garden scene is stunning. Just breathtaking... almost looks like a silver print--

    Happy Paint Party Friday!


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