light in the darkness

I had a post planned for yesterday about the goodness of people after an experience this week with a missing greyhound in our neighborhood (not one of ours, thank goodness).

And I know that celebrating goodness and love and Joy is important, but somehow, when you're heartsick, that's not easy.

The words are not coming and so I will hold in my heart a faith in goodness and love and Joy and beauty. And I hope that you will as well. We cannot let the darkness win.


  1. It is very dark indeed. I am looking for light wherever I can, and am glad you have some over here. We cannot let darkness win, so I will set my small light down here next to yours and perhaps together they will burn a little brighter than if they were alone. xo

  2. Dear Anne. I hope you are well and you are surronded by lots of light and love. Have a beautiful and creative week.


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