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Back in 1953 Julia child wrote to Avis Devoto,

"... the effect from reading Vogue, that I am a frump. I suppose that is the purpose of all of it, to shame people out of their frumpery so they will go out and buy 48 pairs of red shoes, have a facial, pat themselves with deodorizers, buy a freezer, and put up new crispy window curtains with a draped valance."
              -- As Always Julia

That struck a chord with me. Because sometimes magazines have that effect. They make you feel less. Less beautiful, less interesting, less creative. Lately I've stumbled across a couple magazines that do the opposite.

The Simple Things is a British publication which I picked up before my flight to California so I'd have some plane and airport reading material (funny enough, I also picked up a copy of Vogue). It really is a celebration of simple pleasures, cooking, growing things, decorating with secondhand and handmade finds, enjoying food with friends. The photography is beautiful and the magazine really encourages you to slow down and savor life. What is your simple thing, it asks. Here are some of the answers from these two issues:

walking barefoot through grass
pulling dough from the end of a fresh loaf
having an early morning cup of coffee in the garden
deadheading flowers
being inside when it's raining
when leaves make a print on the wet pavement
holding hands
eating peanut butter straight from the jar
new socks

See? Doesn't that make you want to start making lists?

The second magazine is Amy Butler's new online publication Blossom Magazine.

It's full of beautiful photography and project inspiration (some projects have links to free how-tos, some are in a package of projects you can purchase and others have links to where you can purchase the patterns or directions), but it's also full of articles that make you think about creativity and life which were very moving for me. Take a look. It's free.

Thank you to everyone who has shared such kind words about my paintings. Each and every comment and email means so much to me. There is still time to enter the giveaway. Just leave a comment here.


  1. dearest sweet anne, thanks so much for sharing this magazines...they looks really interesting! And i especially adore that first magazine...the simple things. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  2. I bought the first copy of 'The Simple Things'. It really is my kind of magazine and a reminder of those 'simple things' that make life so worthwhile. I am going to take a look at the Blossom magazine now (such a pretty name) thank you for the link!


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