Choosing a word for the year is all about intention and focus. At the start of a new year we all want the feeling of a clean slate. The new year is full of possibilities. We envision the perfect life for ourselves upon this blank canvas of a fresh start. And that is good.

Last year my list of possible words for the year were: happy, gentle, love, transform/metamorphosize, create, grow. I think that 2012 was full of all of those things. And, as I wrote back in November, 2012 was also about Joy. Joy will continue to be at the center of my life and those other good words will probably be there, too. But as I think about this year and about what I want for my life, I keep coming back to the word BLOOM.

This year I do not want simply to grow, but I want to BLOOM. It seems so appropriate. I surround myself with flowers. I grow flowers on my windowsills and outside in my garden. I create flowers in my art, with watercolor and yarn. I photograph flowers and sew with flowery fabric. Matthias and I have ideas for a garden revamp this year and for continued improvements on our home... both will BLOOM this year.

I want to bloom this year, too. I want to flourish in my art and my life and in my health. Sometimes choosing a word for the year can seem limiting or constricting, but this word feels so vast to me. It feels as if it can expand to fill every aspect of my life and each day of the year. I can close my eyes and imagine the planet earth as a giant rosebud, slowly unfurling to become the most beautiful flower. That is the BLOOM I wish to bring about in 2013.

What about you? What are you envisioning for this year?


  1. Bloom is a good choice for you. I love your photos.

  2. Bloom is definitely a perfect word for you Anne :) I'm envisioning similar things for myself. I want to create more art, sell more art(!), be a more conscious person. Maybe conscious should be my word, haha. I usually don't pick a word for myself. I know a lot of my blogger friends do. I think I would do better to pick a word that I don't want to be! Like overly sensitive. Sometimes it is just too difficult to go against who you are.

    We need to talk plants. :-) I had a sanseveria bloom once for me. I think my plants are unhappy with my soft water, I seemed to have lost my green thumb.

    xx Jaime

  3. I think thats a great intention and wish it for you too :)

  4. Dear Anne I wish you so much to bloom this year, just like your beautiful plants, treated with such a love and passion.

  5. What a great word! It seems so ripe with positive possibilities, like the year ahead. May your garden and year be filled with flowers.

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement! Here's to a wonderful year for us all!


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