do you prefer it wintry or tropical?

Not that you have a lot of choice most days. But when there are conservatories and greenhouses nearby...

Visiting my parents at their "city house" gave us the opportunity for some sleepy winter garden walks.

Looking back at the photos, it doesn't look cold, but the temperature that day was well below freezing. 

It was even colder the day we went to Garfield Park Conservatory. Not that it matters when you're walking around under glass.

Entering the warm, humid greenhouse fogged up my lens. I kind of like the dreamy look of the lens-fogged photo.


The warmth and the colors were just what we all needed.

What about you? Wintry? Tropical? Both?


  1. Growing up near Boston, going to college in Indiana, living in San Juan, Puerto Rico for 4 years, living in Chicagoland for 15 years and then in CT for 16, I must say that I prefer four seasons. And this blast of frigid air? As long as the sun is shining, I kind of like it for a few days. I think it kills germs and keeps the micro climates up to speed.

    But these photos? A delightful diversion from the frost on my windowpanes!

  2. So glad you had a good visit with your parents, Anne. Your photos are a balm for all of us who are a bit frozen at the moment! I like all of the seasons, but find hot, steamy weather a bit hard to take. But it's nice to look at beautiful tropical plants!!

  3. I think I am more of a temperate person! I think cool and bright is my preferred weather. I am not a fan of humidity although I wouldn't mind it right now! Give me green pastures and a gentle breeze any day. Lovely photos Anne.

  4. Right about now when the temp is 2 and I have to go put the kiddos on the bus I crave tropical. :)

  5. Right now whilst wet, cold and tired from the school run & I sway more to warm. But generally I like winter as long as its sunny. We've had the most rain on record this past year in the UK & the grey wet has got very wearing! Your beautiful warm photos have cheered me up thought, thanks. I feel like I escaped for a short while and joined you in another place :-)
    Kat Xx

  6. Beautiful and delicate photos. Masterpieces. Have a good weekend Anne and keep yourself warm.

  7. I loved hearing what everyone thought about their ideal climate. I love the changing seasons (today is snowy and beautiful), but it's funny how infrequently the weather or the temperature is perfect.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm dreaming of the tropics so this post is right on my wavelength! Love those tangerines, cymbidiums and bright tropical flowers. They make me think I need to go to a nearby Butterfly Pavillion soon :) Thanks for posting such lovely photos.


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