I have to laugh at what Karen said about my "pressing" project because in actuality I've had my iron going a lot lately. I've been getting ready for my first ever craft fair. Exciting. Scary. But I'm not going to go there right now. I just wanted to share some supplies I recently picked up on Etsy because I'm really excited about them (and about how my projects have been turning out -- I'll share that soon).

These lovely vintage doilies came from Rachel in Vermont whose Etsy shop is called Rachel's Scraps. They're cut from larger pieces and are a range of sizes. Just perfect for some projects I'd been wanting to work on.

I was also looking for vintage buttons and found these lovely glass buttons in Debbie's shop Busy Bee Buttons 'n' Bows.

Some of them will probably end up on that green vest I made.

I'm trying to keep away from distractions and although I am longing to paint, I'm holding off till after the fair.

I hope you're finding bits of beauty to brighten your week.


  1. This is such a wintery looking post! Pretty.

  2. ooh exciting! I hope it goes well and can't wait to see what you've made.

  3. I hope that the fair went well Anne!

  4. How exciting to be in a craft fair! When will it be held? Like Claire, I can't wait to see your new pieces.

  5. Selling at your first craft fair is exciting. People are going to love your beautiful creations, I'm sure.

    I like those little embroidery doilie flowers. But about this "pressing project" - you carry on teasing us, not fair, lol ;-) Hope whatever it is, that its bringing you joy!

    Myself and the lovely ladies in my art journal swap have had a weekend blog party to show all our pages. It has been great fun reliving this special experience. The posts are still up if you fancy a look.

    Kat Xx

  6. I don't mean to be a tease!! I promise to share photos as soon as I've taken some! The craft fair isn't until February 10th.

    Thanks for all the well wishes!


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