straying from focus

I started out the year with a crochet obsession, determined to finally make some more sweaters for myself.

And then my focus shifted to another, more pressing project (more on that soon).

Since then I've been trying to waste as little time as possible, trying to stay focused. Spending less time on the computer. Spending less time cooking and cleaning. And yet there are things that still need attention, things that pull my focus from what I want to be doing. Time flies by. Sometimes, though, I don't mind that straying focus. Stopping at the park with the dogs for a walk in the woods was something we all needed.

I hope you're having a wonderful week and that you're able to find a little time for playing hooky, too.


  1. Dear Anne. these photos are amazing. First two are like zen style composition and outdoors photos are great too. Beautiful. I know that feeling when time flies too well. That is why I wrote on a page in my diary for this week: slowly, slowly, slowly. I want to slow down. Have a beautiful week.

  2. you always have the most stunning flowers! Lovely settings too. :)
    ***Pats for the boys***

  3. I love the way your photos seem to take me on your walks with you, like I'm really there. Clever perspectives and stunning compositions.

    I think I play too much hooky sometimes. But it's difficult to keep productive when I feel so tired. Its my aim to develop my 'Creatively Well' project this year. It feels like something I need to do and something that fills me with passion. I just need appropriate energy levels to match my ideas, lol :-)

    I'm curious as to what this new more pressing project of yours is! I hope it is something happy and fulfilling.

    Well I've just blogged about love and gratitude. Now I want to eat - another one of my loves, lol :-)

    Kat Xx

  4. Yup, 2013 requires a lot of FOCUS. Hope it pays off.

    Like Kat, I'm curious about your "pressing project"...I'll bet it has nothing to do with ironing!


  5. Hi Anne! I love your pictures!!
    ...I don't have much free time lately,..and I lose my little time doing many things! I think I should focus...but I can't! :)
    Many wishes!

  6. Some great photos Anne, especially the arrangement with yarn and flowers. I don't seem to have any focus at the moment other than getting through January!

  7. Wonderful photos of wintery parkland! Despite the cold here I also enjoy a walk in the woods. I love your green crochet collar too. Have a lovely week!

  8. The colors in your first two photos are fabulous!! The rest of the photos look pretty much the way it looks around here, sans dogs!!
    Looking forward to seeing your projects soon!!


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