thrifting and garden shopping

I guess I can never get enough of either of those things. I did both on our recent vacation. It's funny because when I was talking to a coworker about my recent trip she enthused about the last time she visited Chicago and the wonderful shopping she did while she was there. The best shopping of my trip? Michigan Avenue? Nope. It was in little (population of two thousand something) Westby, Wisconsin where my mom and I visited a charity shop we'd never been to before. At the checkout my hands were full. My bill? $1.85. Milk glass, pillow cases and this rose-adorned doily:

Makes me happy each time I see it. As does the embroidered and crochet trimmed pillow case I found

and all the milk glass that seems to be taking over my house.

I think the plants like it, too.

It's been very snowy here, lately. Perfect for staying in and working on projects. Things are coming together for the craft fair, but I must really get back to it. Hope you're having a beautiful week!


  1. I have never found such lovely things in a thrift store! The milk glass is so beautiful. Is that a maidenhair fern? Good luck with the craft fair preparations. It must be so exciting!

  2. You always have such beautiful details at your home. :)

  3. oooo and you've got those little twinkle lights too! I just love those. I have a little collection of that milk glass too. All hand me downs from my mother and grandmothers. I have little bits of embroidery, too. My mom took a spell where she did it and now I treasure them. Your maidenhair fern really is gorgeous!

  4. Don't you love treasure hunting in thrift stores on travels? There's always something fun to be discovered. Your rose doily is a treasure and your photos let us see how beautifully your milk glass collection fits with your ferns :)

  5. These are real treasures! My grandmother made doilies with roses like that - wish we had saved one or two. My mom collected milk glass and, as children, my sister and I were taught to embroider pillowcases. Such beautiful pieces of the past!
    Hope you did well with the craft fair!

  6. Anne, I and my partner absolutely love charities and flea markets. We always find there the most beautiful, loved and precious little treasures for us and hardly any we buy things at shops. So I completely understand your joy after finding your little treasures.


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