I'm back. As of yesterday afternoon. Our week-long trip ended up taking two. I'm glad to be home, but it's also strange to be home. I guess I'm feeling a bit of post-vacation blues mixed with a bit of overwhelm.

We saw so much and did so much. So many different landscapes.

So many different types of weather (though, I wouldn't have minded missing out on the blizzard on the last legs of the trip). It's hard to process it all.

I feel like I need to process it all. I want to be able to spend time going through all of my photos (all two thousand three hundred plus of them!). I want to delve into my thoughts and feelings about everything I saw and everything I experienced. And yet, real life is demanding that I jump back in.

There's no pause in real life. No rewind. Right now I'm thinking that a pause button would come in very handy.

I hope you're having a wonderful week!


  1. Hi Anne, I can totally understand why you are feeling overwhelmed, what an epic journey you've been on. I'm looking forward to seeing more of those 2300+ photos too! S:)
    PS I posted my Joy package off today, delivery time is estimated to be 10 days.

  2. My package is in the mail as well.

    I loved following your adventures on Instagram. You certainly have many memories to carry with you into the spring and beyond. Glad you are safely home, driving in snowstorms can be exhausting!

  3. Take your time processing everything, Anne. You seem like such a thoughtful person - you will find your way back to balancing everything. Meanwhile, hope you'll savor all of your precious memories from your trip.

    I, too, sent out my package yesterday and look forward to our joyful exchange!

  4. That was quite a trip! I'm interested in seeing more photos and hearing stories of your adventures:) I dropped my package in the mail yesterday:)

  5. Beautiful Anne, it is so good to have you back and it looks like you had a beautiful trip. Amazing photos. take your time to sort all memories. Big, big hugs. p.s I think you will create amazing ocean paintings. Go for it.

  6. Hi!! What lovely pictures!! What lovely landscape...I really would like to see it, too!!
    Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you....(I'm singing!!)!
    I'm impatience to see more pictures of your trip.
    ..it seems many people are sending "joy parcels" all around the world...I can't wait to receive mine and discover which one of them have sent it to me!!
    Take care.

  7. I am glad that you had a lovely time Anne and look forward to hearing about it here on the blog. Great horse photo!

  8. This mother is very pleased you had such a good trip and safely navigated those treacherous storm miles at the end. I'd love to spend a whole day sipping tea in your garden sharing your photos and hearing your commentary, Jude and Charlie lying nearby, Little Jerome's loud calls escaping through the open winds of your cozy blue house.
    Nice to know so many of us are now waiting for our joy to arrive in the mail. Some will have to wait longer than others as the packages navigate half the globe. But here's hoping all eventually arrive safe and sound and bring the joy contained within. Thanks for organizing it all.


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