30 days, day 11 -- a cure for a bad mood

Have a sore throat? Drink some tea with honey and lemon.

Have a stomach ache? Here's some ginger ale.

Have a headache? Rub some lavender oil on your temples and lie down with a cool cloth.

Have a bad mood?

Grrr... was I in a bad mood this morning. And all I wanted to do was dwell on it. Rehash the things that were getting me so upset. I was ready to scribble it all down in my journal and well, rant and whine. I stopped myself and realized that all I was doing was making myself feel worse. So I wrote about that. I stepped back and considered what I was feeling. I wrote about the little jolts that had momentarily shaken me out of the mood. About how when I said goodbye to Matthias this morning I had stood at the back door smelling the muddy spring smells and listening to the birdsongs, transfixed, for a moment, by the beauty of it all. About how as I sat down to write in my journal I unfolded the quilt I'd made and was suddenly filled with Joy by the colors and patterns of the fabric and by the fact that it was something I had made that was comforting and soothing and Joy-full.

I know that I've said this before, but I truly believe it, Joy is the cure for a bad mood. Treat yourself gently, accept how you feel and move on. Surround yourself with beauty and things that bring you Joy and take the time to pay attention and en-Joy. Life's too short to waste time being cranky.

What's your cure for a bad mood?


  1. I'm glad you found a way out of your mood. It happens and it's normal. You're human :)

    I find that a little chocolate makes me feel better ;) but not always great for the diet. so, like you, a little something that makes me smile and laughter always gets the funk away.

  2. Well said, Anne. I find that distracting myself with music, simple organizing, creating - anything - jolts me out of a bad mood. But, as you say, it's good to recognize the feelings first, then move on.
    Love your quilt!

  3. I have learned that is true but not that long ago I was dealing with some anger, just one day and not over one specific thing, and I let my journal have it. I ranted and raged and let all the crap out onto the page, pen writing with great force. I let it all come out and through me and I have to say it felt good. It came and went. I know anger is different then grumpy but I am learning not to stuff the feelings down. Letting it flow and then moving on seemed to work that day.

  4. Anne, beautiful words. You calmed me down. Well done with giving yourself time and being gentle. It is so important to treat ourselves kind and with love. You definitely did it. Much love to you.

  5. I think I try to give myself a distraction from it and know that it will eventually pass!

  6. Your description of the quilt is exactly why women throughout the ages have made them. They could just as easily put another blanket on the bed for warmth. The patchwork is a way to use of bits and create a bit of beauty and self expression. Maybe that is why the descriptions of life in the Little House books always seemed to have elements of joy. Be well.


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