30 days, day 13

What do you wish to focus on today? Which direction will you point your thoughts? Which direction will you point your heart?

What will you set loose in the world? What will you add to the day?

The choice is yours. Each day, the choice is yours. Don't for a moment think that what you do doesn't matter.


  1. Oh, yes, it has been that kind of a day for me, too.

    Thank you for this lovely (and timely) post.


  2. Survey stakes newly pressed into the soil shouting, "This is ours!" A promise to be the best stewart possible of these few acres of ground. Believing that this bit of Earth will be better for our benediction.

  3. Wise words Anne! Lovely heart shaped stones.

  4. I try to show kindness to anyone who looks like they could use it, plus a little smile is my secret weapon!! :)

  5. I intend to play with color today, through paints - I'm craving bright shades on this snow-bound day. Thank you for reminding me that our intentions matters.

  6. beautiful pebbles. Thank you for these questions Anne, really helped me to start my day. Much love to you Anne!


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